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The Legislature


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The written instrument embodying the fundamental principles of the state that establishes power and duties of the government and guarantees certain rights to the people.
To meet in formal legislative session.
To argue the merits of a bill, for and against.
Appropriate behavior and conduct.
That area of the state represented by a legislator, determined on the basis of population.
The seating area for visitors located above the chambers (on the fifth floor of the Capitol).
The chief executive of the State.
The official record of the proceedings of the Senate or the House of Representatives.
The final product of the legislative process. It is the end result of the introduction of a bill, passage by both houses, its approval by the Governor (or the overriding of the Governor's veto by the legislature), and its recording by the Secretary of State.
A member of the legislature.
A person who, voluntarily or for a fee, represents himself or herself, an individual, organization, or entity before the legislature. The term derives from the fact that lobbyists usually stay in the areas (lobbies) next to the chambers of the Senate and the House, either to meet legislators as they walk to and from the chambers or await legislative action which might affect their interest.
Majority party
The political party having the greater number of seats in a house.
Minority party
The political party having the least number of seats in a house.

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