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The Legislature


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A proposal, usually oral, made to the presiding officer and relating to procedure or action before a legislative body.
Oath of Office
An oath or vow taken by a public official prior to taking up his or her official duties.
Order of Business
The defined routine of procedure in the legislative body each day. It can be deviated from only by waiver of the rules by the full body.
To pass a bill after the Governor has vetoed it. This requires a two-thirds vote of each house.
Favorable action on a measure before the legislature.
President of the Senate
The presiding officer of the Senate. He or she is designated as President by the majority party in caucus and then elected by the full membership of the Senate.
President Pro Tempore of the Senate
Literally, president "for a time." He or she performs specified duties as prescribed by the Senate Rules or the Senate President.
The number of members required for the conduct of business.
The constitution requires that a bill be read three separate times on three separate days before it can be passed.
To end a day's session or a committee meeting.
To delete a previously passed law.
Roll call
An electronic vote or the calling of the roll of names to determine the outcome of a vote on a legislative matter.
Provisions for the procedure, organization, officers, and committees of each house of the legislature.

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