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The Legislature


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Secretary of the Senate
The person elected by the Senate to assist Senate officers, members, and staff in the detailed processes of enacting laws and recording that history.
Sergeant at Arms
The person in each house who is responsible for the security of the legislative house and the maintenance of that house's property.
The period during which the legislature meets.
Sine die
A Latin phrase meaning "without day." The term is often used to denote the ceremony involving the dropping of white handkerchiefs which symbolizes the end of a regular session.
Speaker of the House of Representatives
The presiding officer of the House of Representatives. He is designated as Speaker by the majority party in caucus and then elected by the full membership of the House for a term of two years.
Sponsor or Introducer
Legislator who introduces a bill.
The compilation of individual laws which are the official laws of Florida.
Term of office
The period of time for which a person is elected to serve in an office.
The return by the Governor to the legislature of a bill without his or her signature; the veto message from the Governor usually explains why he or she thinks the bill should not become a law.
A decision on a question, either affirmative or negative.

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