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Florida Facts

Symbols of Florida

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State Bird Designated by the 1927 Legislature, the mockingbird is Florida's state bird. It lives in Florida year-round and is known for its singing voice and mimicry skills. Its Latin name means "mimic of many tongues."

State Animal Students throughout the state of Florida voted the panther our state animal in 1982. Panthers are pale brown and black in color and play a large part in our wildlife ecosystem. They have been on the federal endangered species list since 1967 and on the state endangered list since 1973. Panthers have been protected from legal hunting in Florida since 1958. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is responsible for the management and preservation of the panther.

State Butterfly The zebra longwing became the state butterfly in 1996. It is common in South Florida, especially in the Everglades National Park. The longwing however, is not common in North Florida. This black and yellow butterfly is known for dining on the sweet nectar of passion flowers.

State Wildflower The 1991 Legislature named the coreopsis Florida's official wildflower. These colorful flowers are used extensively in Florida's roadside plantings and highway beautification programs. The coreopsis is found in a variety of colors, ranging from golden yellow to pink. The flower is a food source for seed-eating birds.

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