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Florida Facts

Symbols of Florida

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State Gem United States astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin ("Buzz") Aldrin landed on the moon on July 20, 1969, aboard the Apollo 11 spacecraft. Since this and all other astronaut-controlled spaceflights had been launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Brevard County, the Florida Legislature sought to memorialize this "giant step" for humankind. In 1970, lawmakers adopted the moonstone as the official state gem.

State Tree The 1953 Legislature designated the sabal palm our State Tree. The sabal palm grows in any kind of soil and is found throughout the state. There are many uses of the sabal palm including medicine, food, and landscaping. In 1970, the Legislature mandated that the sabal palm should replace the cocoa palm on the state seal.

State Stone In 1979 agatized coral was designated the official state stone. Agatized coral occurs when silica in the ocean water hardens, replacing the limy corals with a form of quartz know as chalcedony. This long process (20-30 million years) results in the formation of a "pseudomorph," meaning that one mineral has replaced another without having lost its original shape. Agatized coral is found in three main Florida locations: Tampa Bay, the Econfina River, and the Withlacoochee/ Suwannee river beds.

State Pie The 2006 Florida Legislature designated key lime pie as the official state pie. The key limes (Citrus aurantifolia Swingle) used to make this dessert are named after the Florida Keys where the key limes originated in the United States. The first key lime pie was created in the 1850s in south Florida. The recipe became popular in early Florida because it was made using key limes and sweetened condensed milk and did not require refrigeration.

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