October 31, 2020
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Senate 0404: Relating to Health Care ------------------------------------------------------------------

S404     GENERAL BILL/CS/CS/1ST ENG by Ways and Means; Health and Human Services
Appropriations; Saunders (Compare H 1249, H 1489, 1ST ENG/H 1893,
CS/CS/3RD ENG/S 0838, CS/CS/2ND ENG/S 1872, S 2390, 2ND ENG/S 2602)
Health Care; deletes provisions authorizing AHCA to adopt emergency
rules governing home & community-based services delivery system; delays
provisions requiring nursing home staffing increase; provides Medicaid
rate-setting process; revises Medicaid prescribed drug spending control
program; directs AHCA to implement, & authorizes it to seek federal
waivers for, program of all-inclusive care for children; establishes
memory disorder clinic at FAU, etc. Amends FS. EFFECTIVE DATE:
07/01/2005 except as otherwise provided.
12/03/04 SENATE Filed
12/17/04 SENATE Referred to Health and Human Services Appropriations; Ways
                  and Means
03/08/05 SENATE Introduced, referred to Health and Human Services
                  Appropriations; Ways and Means -SJ 00030
03/18/05 SENATE On Committee agenda-- Health and Human Services
                  Appropriations, 03/23/05, 9:00 am, 401-S
03/23/05 SENATE CS by Health and Human Services Appropriations; YEAS 6
                  NAYS 0 -SJ 00301; CS read first time on 03/30/05 -SJ 00310
03/24/05 SENATE Now in Ways and Means -SJ 00301
03/28/05 SENATE On Committee agenda-- Ways and Means, 03/31/05, 12:30 pm,
03/31/05 SENATE CS/CS by- Ways and Means; YEAS 15 NAYS 0 -SJ 00325; CS
                  read first time on 04/05/05 -SJ 00327
04/01/05 SENATE Placed on Calendar, on second reading -SJ 00325
04/07/05 SENATE Placed on Special Order Calendar -SJ 00377; Read second time
                  -SJ 00372; Read third time -SJ 00372; CS passed; YEAS 39
                  NAYS 0 -SJ 00372; Immediately certified -SJ 00372
04/07/05 HOUSE In Messages; Received -HJ 00440; Read second time -HJ 00440;
                  Substituted for HB 1893 -HJ 00440; Amendment(s) adopted
                  -HJ 00440; Read third time -HJ 00445; CS passed as amended;
                  YEAS 113 NAYS 0 -HJ 00445; Requested Senate to concur or
                  failing to concur, appoint conference committee -HJ 00454
04/12/05 SENATE In returning messages
04/13/05 SENATE Was taken up -SJ 00396; Refused to concur and acceded to the
                  request for a conference committee -SJ 00401
04/20/05 HOUSE Conference Committee appointed: Reps Negron-Ch; Mahon-V-Ch;
                  Gardiner, Waters, Rubio, Goodlette, Bowen, Simmons, Brummer,
                  Greenstein, Jennings, Ryan; Mayfield, Evers, Brown, Kendrick,
                  Stansel, Poppell, Littlefield, Machek; Pickens, Arza, Rivera,
                  Attkisson, Baxley, Flores, Sansom, Mealor, Richardson, Vana,
                  Bendross-Mindingall, Justice, Altman; Bean, Benson, Murzin,
                  Cannon, Galvano, Garcia, Farkas, Roberson, Gannon, Bilirakis,
                  Sobel, Hays; Barreiro, Needelman, Kottkamp, Planas, Adams,
                  Hasner, Seiler, Joyner, Clarke, Gelber; Berfield, Troutman,
                  Carroll, Quinones, Sands, Reagan, Gibson, Patterson; D Davis,
                  Llorente, Bogdanoff, M Davis, Traviesa, Kravitz, Cusack,
                  Ausley, McInvale, Allen -HJ 00593
04/20/05 SENATE Conference Committee appointed: Senators Carlton, Chair; Ways
                  and Means; Education Appropriations: Alexander, Chair;
                  Bullard, Constantine, King, Klein, Lynn, Miller, Wise;
                  General Government Appropriations: Clary, Chair; Baker,
                  Garcia, Lawson; Health and Human Services Appropriations:
                  Saunders, Chair; Bennett, Dawson, Jones, Peaden, Pruitt,
                  Rich, Wilson; Justice Appropriations: Crist, Chair;
                  Argenziano, Aronberg, Siplin, Smith, Villalobos;
                  Transportation and Economic Development Appropriations:
                  Fasano, Chair; Dockery, Hill, Margolis, Sebesta, Webster
                  -SJ 00534
05/06/05 SENATE Conference Committee Report received -SJ 01266; Conference
                  Committee Report adopted -SJ 01282; Passed as amended by
                  Conference Committee Report; YEAS 37 NAYS 0 -SJ 01282
05/06/05 HOUSE In returning messages; Conference Committee Report received
                  -HJ 01638; Conference Committee Report adopted -HJ 01639;
                  Passed as amended by Conference Committee Report; YEAS 84
                  NAYS 30 -HJ 01655
05/06/05 SENATE Ordered engrossed, then enrolled -SJ 01662
05/24/05   Signed by Officers and presented to Governor
05/26/05   Approved by Governor; Chapter No. 2005-60; See also CS/CS/SB
                  838 (Ch. 2005-133), SB 2602 (Ch. 2005-71)

Version: Posted: Format:
S 0404 12/03/2004 Web Page | PDF
S 0404 03/24/2005 Web Page | PDF
S 0404 04/01/2005 Web Page | PDF
S 0404 05/09/2005 Web Page | PDF
S 0404 05/09/2005 Web Page | PDF

Proposed Committee Substitutes
Version: Barcode: Posted: Committee Actions: Format:
s 0404 100596 Web Page | PDF

Committee Amendments
Version: Amendment: Published/Filed: Committee Actions: Format:
S 0404c1 281854 Filed 03/29/2005 No Senate Committee Action Web Page | PDF
S 0404c1 393098 Filed 03/29/2005 No Senate Committee Action Web Page | PDF
S 0404c1 710810 Filed 03/29/2005 No Senate Committee Action Web Page | PDF
S 0404c1 781618 Filed 03/29/2005 No Senate Committee Action Web Page | PDF
S 0404c1 512762 Published 03/31/2005 Unavailable PDF
S 0404c2 871600 Filed 05/04/2005 No Senate Committee Action Web Page | PDF
Floor Amendments
Version: Amendment: Published/Filed: Floor Actions: Format:
S 0404c2 110780 Filed 04/05/2005 Withdrawn on 2R
Web Page | PDF
S 0404c2 708635 Filed 05/05/2005 No Senate Action Web Page | PDF
S 0404c2 871600 Filed 05/04/2005 Adopted on 2R
Web Page | PDF
S 0404c2 932633 Filed 04/07/2005 Refused to Concur on RM
Web Page | PDF
Staff Analyses
Analysis: Committee: Posted: Format:
s 0404-pcs Health and Human Services Appropriations 03/21/2005 PDF
s 0404 Health and Human Services Appropriations 03/24/2005 PDF
s 0404 Ways and Means 04/01/2005 PDF

Vote History - Committee
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Senate Ways and Means Web Page
Senate Health and Human Services Appropriations Web Page

Vote History - Floor
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HOUSE 0129 04/07/05
Web Page
HOUSE 0615 05/06/05
Web Page
SENATE 0028 04/07/05
Web Page
SENATE 0014 05/06/05
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