September 24, 2020
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Senate 1664: Relating to Distribution of Funds [WPSC] ------------------------------------------------------------------

S1664    GENERAL BILL/CS/1ST ENG by Health and Human Services Appropriations;
Peaden (Compare 2ND ENG/S 2600)
Distribution of Funds [WPSC]; Revises the specified dates during which
the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco within the DBPR is
required to certify the amount derived from the cigarette tax which is
deposited into the Alcoholic Beverage and Tobacco TF. Requires that
revenue deposited into the Health Care TF within the AHCA be reserved
for certain research beginning in a specified fiscal year and
transferred to the Biomedical Research TF within the DOH, etc.
APPROPRIATION: Indeterminate. EFFECTIVE DATE: 07/01/2009.
02/18/09 SENATE Filed
02/26/09 SENATE Referred to Health and Human Services Appropriations;
                  Governmental Oversight and Accountability; Policy & Steering
                  Committee on Ways and Means; Rules
03/03/09 SENATE Introduced, referred to Health and Human Services
                  Appropriations; Governmental Oversight and Accountability;
                  Policy & Steering Committee on Ways and Means; Rules
                  -SJ 00101
03/27/09 SENATE On Committee agenda-- Health and Human Services
                  Appropriations, 04/01/09, 9:00 am, 110-S
04/01/09 SENATE CS by Health and Human Services Appropriations; YEAS 5
                  NAYS 0 -SJ 00252; CS read 1st time on 04/01/09 -SJ 00263;
                  Pending reference review under Rule 4.7(2) - (Committee
04/03/09 SENATE Original reference(s) removed: Governmental Oversight and
                  Accountability; Rules; Now in Policy & Steering Committee on
                  Ways and Means -SJ 00323; On Committee agenda-- Policy &
                  Steering Committee on Ways and Means, 04/07/09, 1:30 pm,
04/07/09 SENATE Favorable by- Policy & Steering Committee on Ways and Means;
                  YEAS 20 NAYS 0 -SJ 00338
04/09/09 SENATE Placed on Calendar, on 2nd reading -SJ 00338
04/16/09 SENATE Placed on Special Order Calendar; Read 2nd time -SJ 00370;
                  Read 3rd time -SJ 00370; CS passed; YEAS 38 NAYS 0
                  -SJ 00370; Immediately certified -SJ 00370; Requests House
                  concur or failing to concur appoint conference cmte -SJ 00392
04/16/09 HOUSE In Messages; Received, referred to Calendar -HJ 00458
04/17/09 HOUSE Read 2nd time -HJ 00543; Amendment(s) adopted -HJ 00543; Read
                  3rd time -HJ 00543; Substituted for HB 5109 -HJ 00543; CS
                  passed as amended; YEAS 74 NAYS 44 -HJ 00543; Immediately
                  certified -HJ 00564; Requests Senate concur or failing to
                  concur appoint conference cmte -HJ 00564
04/17/09 SENATE In returning messages; Conference Committee appointed:
                  Senators Alexander, Chair; Deutch, Vice Chair; Haridopolos,
                  Altman, Lawson, At Large; Criminal & Civil Justice: Crist,
                  Chair; Jones, Joyner, Villalobos, Wilson; Education Pre-K-12:
                  Wise, Chair; Bullard, Detert, Garcia, Richter, Siplin;
                  Finance & Tax: Altman, Chair; Bennett, Justice, Pruitt, Ring;
                  General Government: Baker, Chair; Aronberg, Dean, Lawson,
                  Oelrich; Health & Human Services: Peaden, Chair; Gaetz,
                  Haridopolos, Rich, Sobel; Higher Education: Lynn, Chair;
                  Constantine, Deutch, Gelber, King; Trans & Econ Development:
                  Fasano, Chair; Diaz de la Portilla, Dockery, Gardiner, Hill,
                  Smith, Storms -SJ 00469
04/17/09 HOUSE Conference Committee appointed Rivera, Llorente, Bogdanoff,
                  Cannon, Galvano, Hasner, Lopez-Cantera, Reagan, Fitzgerald,
                  Saunders, Skidmore, Adams, Thompson, N., Rouson, Eisnaugle,
                  Planas, Snyder, Soto, Taylor, P., Hays, Hooper, Braynon,
                  Ford, McBurney, Nelson, Schultz, Williams, A., Ambler,
                  Patronis, Brandenburg, Frishe, Grimsley, Homan, Jones,
                  Kreegel, Renuart, Domino, Anderson, Schwartz, Hudson, Nehr,
                  Pafford, Zapata, Holder, Roberson, Y., Roberson, K., Van
                  Zant, Rader, Rogers, Poppell, Williams, T., Boyd, Bembry,
                  Crisafulli, Fetterman, Mayfield, Plakon, Troutman, Flores,
                  Legg, Kiar, Adkins, Bullard, Coley, Clarke-Reed, Culp,
                  Fresen, Stargel, Weinstein, Proctor, Precourt, Heller,
                  Burgin,; Dorworth, O'Toole, Patterson, Reed, Taylor, D.,
                  Weatherford, McKeel, Brise, Kelly, Thompson, G., Tobia,
                  Glorioso, Evers, Gibbons, Aubuchon, Bovo, Carroll, Drake,
                  Gibson, Horner, Hukill, Long, Murzin, Ray, Sachs, Schenck,
                  Steinberg, Thurston -HJ 00569
05/08/09 SENATE Conference Committee Report received -SJ 01340; Conference
                  Committee Report adopted -SJ 01342; Passed as amended by
                  Conference Committee Report (881912); YEAS 40 NAYS 0
                  -SJ 01342
05/08/09 HOUSE In returning messages; Conference Committee Report considered
                  -HJ 01505; Conference Committee Report adopted -HJ 01506;
                  Passed as amended by Conference Committee Report; YEAS 86
                  NAYS 32 -HJ 01507
05/08/09 SENATE Ordered engrossed, then enrolled -SJ 01494
05/15/09   Signed by Officers and presented to Governor
05/27/09   Approved by Governor; Chapter No. 2009-58; See also SB 2600
                  (Ch. 2009-81)

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S 1664 03/03/2009 Web Page | PDF
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s 1664-pcs Health and Human Services Appropriations 03/30/2009 PDF
s 1664 Health and Human Services Appropriations 04/01/2009 PDF
s 1664 Policy and Steering Committee on Ways and Means 04/08/2009 PDF
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Vote History - Floor
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HOUSE 0130 04/17/09
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HOUSE 0488 05/08/09
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SENATE 0014 04/16/09
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SENATE 0007 05/08/09
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