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House 0697: Relating to Entertainment Industry Economic Development ------------------------------------------------------------------

H697     GENERAL BILL/CS/CS/1ST ENG by Finance & Tax Council; Economic
Development Policy (EDCA); Precourt; Ambler; Carroll; (CO-SPONSORS)
Abruzzo; Adams; Adkins; Anderson; Aubuchon; Bembry; Bernard; Bogdanoff;
Bovo; Boyd; Brandenburg; Braynon; Brise; Bullard; Burgin; Bush; Cannon;
Chestnut; Clarke-Reed; Coley; Cretul; Crisafulli; Cruz; Culp; Domino;
Dorworth; Drake; Eisnaugle; Evers; Fetterman; Fitzgerald; Flores; Ford;
Fresen; Frishe; Galvano; Garcia; Gibbons; Gibson; Glorioso; Gonzalez;
Grimsley; Hasner; Hays; Heller; Holder; Homan; Hooper; Horner; Hudson;
Hukill; Jenne; Jones; Kelly; Kiar; Kreegel; Kriseman; Llorente; Long;
Lopez-Cantera; Mayfield; McBurney; McKeel; Murzin; Nehr; Nelson;
O'Toole; Pafford; Patronis; Patterson; Plakon; Poppell; Porth; Proctor;
Rader; Ray; Reagan; Reed; Rehwinkel Vasilinda; Renuart; Rivera; Robaina;
K. Roberson; Y. Roberson; Rogers; Rouson; Sachs; Sands; Saunders;
Schenck; Schwartz; Skidmore; Snyder; Soto; Stargel; Steinberg; Taylor;
N. Thompson; Thurston; Tobia; Troutman; Van Zant; Waldman; Weatherford;
Weinstein; A. Williams; T. Williams; Wood; Workman; Zapata (Similar
CS/CS/S 1430, Compare CS/2ND ENG/S 1752)
Entertainment Industry Economic Development; Revises entertainment
industry financial incentive program to provide corporate income tax &
sales & use tax credits to qualified entertainment entities rather than
reimbursements from appropriations; revises definitions, creation &
scope, eligibility, & application & approval processes; delineates
duties of OTTED, OFE, & DOR regarding award, election, transfer, audit,
& revocation & forfeiture of credits, etc. APPROPRIATION: $98,127.
EFFECTIVE DATE: 07/01/2010.
01/19/10 HOUSE Filed
01/28/10 HOUSE Referred to Economic Development Policy (EDCA); Finance & Tax
03/01/10 HOUSE On Committee agenda-- Economic Development Policy (EDCA),
                  03/03/10, 8:00 am, 12-H
03/02/10 HOUSE Introduced, referred to Economic Development Policy (EDCA);
                  Finance & Tax Council -HJ 00064; On Committee agenda--
                  Economic Development Policy (EDCA), 03/03/10, 8:00 am, 12-H
03/03/10 HOUSE CS by Economic Development Policy (EDCA); YEAS 14 NAYS 0
                  -HJ 00235
03/09/10 HOUSE CS read 1st time on 03/09/10 -HJ 00234; Pending review of CS
                  under Rule 7.20
03/11/10 HOUSE Now in Finance & Tax Council -HJ 00266
03/23/10 HOUSE On Council agenda-- Finance & Tax Council, 03/25/10, 1:00 pm,
03/25/10 HOUSE CS/CS by- Finance & Tax Council; YEAS 14 NAYS 0 -HJ 00418
03/29/10 HOUSE CS read 1st time on 03/29/10 -HJ 00414; Pending review of CS
                  -under Rule 7.20
03/30/10 HOUSE Placed on Calendar -HJ 00424
04/06/10 HOUSE Placed on Special Order Calendar; Read 2nd time -HJ 00492;
                  Amendment(s) adopted -HJ 00493; Read 3rd time -HJ 00493; CS
                  passed as amended; YEAS 117 NAYS 0 -HJ 00494; Immediately
                  certified -HJ 00526; Requests the Senate pass the bill as
                  passed by the House or agree to conference -HJ 00526
04/06/10 SENATE In Messages
04/30/10 SENATE Died in Messages, companion bill(s) passed, see CS/SB 1752
                  (Ch. 2010-147)

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H 0697C1 03/09/2010 Web Page | PDF
H 0697C2 03/29/2010 Web Page | PDF
H 0697E1 04/06/2010 Web Page | PDF

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Amendment: Posted: Format:

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453503 04/05/2010 PDF
519635 04/05/2010 PDF
582497 04/05/2010 PDF
836359 04/05/2010 PDF

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Bill Analyses
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h 0697 Economic Development Policy Committee (EDCA) 03/01/2010 PDF
h 0697a Economic Development Policy Committee (EDCA) 03/09/2010 PDF
h 0697b Finance & Tax Council 03/24/2010 PDF
h 0697c Finance & Tax Council 03/29/2010 PDF

Vote History
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HOUSE 0677 04/06/10
Web Page
HOUSE 0678 04/06/10
Web Page

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