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Senate 1258: Relating to Workforce Development Educ. Programs ------------------------------------------------------------------

S1258    GENERAL BILL/CS/1ST ENG by Appropriations; Carlton  (Compare 1ST
ENG/H 0769, CS/S 1452, S 2858)
Workforce Development Educ. Programs; redesignates adult technical
education programs as workforce development education programs; provides
requirements for funding; conforms cross-reference. Amends 1011.80,.83.
EFFECTIVE DATE: 07/01/2004.
12/15/03 SENATE Prefiled
01/06/04 SENATE Referred to Appropriations Subcommittee on Education;
                  Appropriations; Rules and Calendar
03/02/04 SENATE Introduced, referred to Appropriations Subcommittee on
                  Education; Appropriations; Rules and Calendar -SJ 00072
03/08/04 SENATE On Committee agenda-- Appropriations Subcommittee on
                  Education, 03/11/04, 1:30 pm, 412-K
03/11/04 SENATE CS by Appropriations Subcommittee on Education; YEAS 7
                  NAYS 0 -SJ 00301
03/15/04 SENATE Now in Appropriations -SJ 00301
03/22/04 SENATE On Committee agenda-- Appropriations, 03/25/04, 11:30 am,
03/25/04 SENATE CS by Appropriations; YEAS 17 NAYS 0 -SJ 00439; CS read
                  first time on 03/31/04 -SJ 00450
03/26/04 SENATE Now in Rules and Calendar
03/31/04 SENATE Withdrawn from Rules and Calendar -SJ 00414; Placed on
                  Calendar, on second reading -SJ 00440
04/01/04 SENATE Placed on Special Order Calendar -SJ 00488; Read second time
                  -SJ 00484
04/02/04 SENATE Read third time -SJ 00514; CS passed; YEAS 39 NAYS 0
                  -SJ 00514; Immediately certified -SJ 00514
04/02/04 HOUSE In Messages
04/12/04 HOUSE Received -HJ 00451; Amendment(s) adopted -HJ 00451; CS passed
                  as amended; YEAS 98 NAYS 0 -HJ 00453; Requested Senate to
                  concur or appoint conference committee -HJ 00470; Retained
                  for further required readings -HJ 00453
04/15/04 HOUSE Read second and third times -HJ 00510; CS passed as amended;
                  YEAS 117 NAYS 0 -HJ 00510; Immediately certified
                  -HJ 00511; Requested Senate to concur or to appoint
                  conference committee -HJ 00511
04/15/04 SENATE In returning messages; Was taken up -SJ 00608; Refused to
                  concur and acceded to the request for a conference committee
                  -SJ 00610; Conference Committee appointed: Senators Pruitt,
                  Chair; Miller, Vice Chair; At Large: Diaz de la Portilla,
                  Jones, Lee; Sub. Article V Implementation & Judiciary: Smith,
                  Chair; Campbell, Geller, Haridopolos, Lee, Villalobos, Wise;
                  Sub. Criminal Justice: Crist, Chair; Argenziano, Aronberg,
                  Dawson, Fasano; Sub. Education: Carlton, Chair; Alexander,
                  Constantine, Cowin, Hill, Lynn, Miller, Wasserman Schultz;
                  Sub. General Government: Clary, Chair; Atwater, Bullard,
                  Dockery, Lawson, Margolis; Sub. Health & Human Services:
                  Peaden, Chair; Bennett, Jones, Saunders, Wilson; Sub. Trans.
                  & Economic Dev.: Webster, Chair; Diaz de la Portilla, Garcia,
                  Klein, Posey, Sebesta, Siplin -SJ 00625, -SJ 00580
04/23/04 HOUSE Conference Committee appointed: Reps Kyle-Ch; Murman-V-Ch; At
                  Lrg: Bense, Greenstein, Harrington, Jennings, Rubio, Cantens,
                  Richardson; AG: Baker; Evers, Poppell, Spratt, Clarke, M
                  Davis, Troutman, Harper; COM: Brummer; Brown, D Davis,
                  Quinones, Sorensen, Robaina, Bullard; ED: Simmons; Cretul,
                  Kilmer, Sansom, Pickens, Kravitz, Arza, Baxley,
                  Bendross-Mindingall, Carroll, Rivera; HLTH: Green; Farkas,
                  Slosberg, Roberson, Harrington, Garcia, Harrell; HS: Murman;
                  Anderson, Bean, HOUSE Gibson, Sobel; JD: Negron; Benson,
                  Kottkamp, Mahon, Planas, Stargel, Holloway; SAF: Bilirakis;
                  Barreiro, Needelman, Adams, Dean, Henriquez; TED: Waters;
                  Berfield, Gardiner, Llorente, Russell, Cusack, Slosberg
04/30/04 SENATE Conference Committee Report received -SJ 01404; Conference
                  Committee Report adopted -SJ 01407; Passed as amended by
                  Conference Committee Report; YEAS 40 NAYS 0 -SJ 01407
04/30/04 HOUSE In returning messages; Conference Committee Report received
                  -HJ 01311; Conference Committee Report adopted -HJ 01312;
                  Passed as amended by Conference Committee Report; YEAS 118
                  NAYS 0 -HJ 01314
04/30/04 SENATE Ordered engrossed, then enrolled -SJ 01740
06/16/04   Signed by Officers and presented to Governor
06/23/04   Vetoed by Governor, Link/Iden/Sim/Compare passed, refer to HB
                  769 (Ch. 2004-357)
12/13/04 SENATE Veto Message received, referred to Rules and Calendar
                  (2004-A) -SJ 00006, -SJ 00009; (2005 Regular Session)
                  -SJ 00106, -SJ 00109
05/06/05 SENATE Veto Message transmitted to Secretary of State

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Committee Amendments and Floor Amendments
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S 1258c1 057529 Published 04/12/2004 Unavailable Web Page | PDF
S 1258c1 451998 Published 04/30/2004 Unavailable Web Page | PDF
S 1258c1 552631 Published 04/12/2004 Unavailable Web Page | PDF
Staff Analyses
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Vote History - Committee
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Vote History - Floor
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HOUSE 0829 04/12/04
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HOUSE 0840 04/15/04
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HOUSE 1178 04/30/04
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SENATE 0007 04/02/04
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SENATE 0011 04/30/04
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