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House 0069: Relating to Tomato Food Safety ------------------------------------------------------------------

H69      GENERAL BILL/CS/CS by General Government Policy Council; Agriculture &
Natural Resources Policy (GGPC); Crisafulli; (CO-SPONSORS) Bembry;
Brandenburg; Heller; Hudson; Poppell (Similar CS/CS/S 0350, Compare
S 2348)
Tomato Food Safety; Revises term "food establishment" to include tomato
repackers for purposes of Florida Food Safety Act; requires minimum food
safety standards for producing, harvesting, packing, & repacking
tomatoes; authorizes DOACS to inspect tomato farms, greenhouses,
packinghouses & repacking locations; provides penalties; authorizes
DOACS to establish good agricultural practices & best management
practices for tomato industry, etc. EFFECTIVE DATE: 07/01/2010.
08/14/09 HOUSE Filed
10/01/09 HOUSE Referred to Agriculture & Natural Resources Policy (GGPC);
                  Natural Resources Appropriations (CGHC); General Government
                  Policy Council
10/28/09 HOUSE On Committee agenda-- Agriculture & Natural Resources Policy
                  (GGPC), 11/04/09, 2:00 pm, Reed Hall
11/04/09 HOUSE CS by Agriculture & Natural Resources Policy (GGPC); YEAS 12
                  NAYS 0
11/20/09 HOUSE Pending review of CS under Rule 7.20
01/05/10 HOUSE Now in Natural Resources Appropriations (CGHC); On Committee
                  agenda-- Natural Resources Appropriations (CGHC), 01/12/10,
                  1:00 pm, 306-H
01/12/10 HOUSE Favorable by Natural Resources Appropriations (CGHC);
                  YEAS 12 NAYS 0
01/13/10 HOUSE Now in General Government Policy Council; On Council agenda--
                  General Government Policy Council, 01/20/10, 1:00 pm, Morris
01/20/10 HOUSE CS/CS by- General Government Policy Council; YEAS 13
                  NAYS 0
01/27/10 HOUSE Pending review of CS -under Rule 7.20
02/02/10 HOUSE Placed on Calendar
03/02/10 HOUSE Introduced, referred to Agriculture & Natural Resources
                  Policy (GGPC); Natural Resources Appropriations (CGHC);
                  General Government Policy Council -HJ 00014; On Committee
                  agenda-- Agriculture & Natural Resources Policy (GGPC),
                  11/04/09, 2:00 pm, Reed Hall; CS by Agriculture & Natural
                  Resources Policy (GGPC); YEAS 12 NAYS 0 -HJ 00164; CS read
                  1st time on 03/02/10 -HJ 00154; Pending review of CS under
                  Rule 7.20; Now in Natural Resources Appropriations (CGHC)
                  -HJ 00163; On Committee agenda-- Natural Resources
                  Appropriations (CGHC), 01/12/10, 1:00 pm, 306-H; Favorable by
                  Natural Resources Appropriations (CGHC); YEAS 12 NAYS 0
                  -HJ 00165; Now in General Government Policy Council
                  -HJ 00165; On Council agenda-- General Government Policy
                  Council, 01/20/10, 1:00 pm, Morris Hall; CS/CS by- General
                  Government Policy Council; YEAS 13 NAYS 0 -HJ 00167; CS
                  read 1st time on 03/02/10 -HJ 00154; Pending review of CS
                  -under Rule 7.20; Placed on Calendar -HJ 00163
04/13/10 HOUSE Placed on Special Order Calendar; Substituted CS/CS/SB 350;
                  Laid on Table, companion bill(s) passed, see CS/CS/SB 350
                  (Ch. 2010-25) -HJ 00666

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h 0069a Agriculture & Natural Resources Policy Committee (GGPC) 11/20/2009 PDF
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h 0069c Natural Resources Appropriations Committee (CGHC) 01/13/2010 PDF
h 0069d General Government Policy Council 01/13/2010 PDF
h 0069e General Government Policy Council 01/27/2010 PDF

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