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Senate 0330: Relating to Community Contribution Tax Credit ------------------------------------------------------------------

S330     GENERAL BILL/CS/CS by Finance and Taxation; Comprehensive Planning;
Saunders; (CO-SPONSORS) Argenziano; Lynn; Crist (Compare 2ND
ENG/H 0109, H 0767, H 1795, S 0648, CS/S 1210, S 1370, CS/S 3002)
Community Contribution Tax Credit; requires Tourism, Trade, & Economic
Development Office to reserve portions of certain annual tax credits for
eligible sponsors of certain low-income housing projects; revises
definition to delete provisions authorizing office to reserve certain
portions of available annual tax credits for certain low-income housing
purposes; increases amount of available annual community contribution
tax credits, etc. Amends 212.08, 220.03,.183, 624.5105. EFFECTIVE DATE:
10/21/03 SENATE Prefiled
10/30/03 SENATE Referred to Comprehensive Planning; Commerce, Economic
                  Opportunities, and Consumer Services; Finance and Taxation
12/02/03 SENATE On Committee agenda-- Comprehensive Planning, 12/08/03, 2:00
                  pm, 412-K
12/08/03 SENATE CS by Comprehensive Planning; YEAS 7 NAYS 0
12/09/03 SENATE Now in Commerce, Economic Opportunities, and Consumer
03/02/04 SENATE Introduced, referred to Comprehensive Planning; Commerce,
                  Economic Opportunities, and Consumer Services; Finance and
                  Taxation -SJ 00025; On Committee agenda-- Comprehensive
                  Planning, 12/08/03, 2:00 pm, 412-K; CS by Comprehensive
                  Planning; YEAS 7 NAYS 0 -SJ 00154; CS read first time on
                  03/02/04 -SJ 00133; Now in Commerce, Economic Opportunities,
                  and Consumer Services -SJ 00154; On Committee agenda--
                  Commerce, Economic Opportunities, and Consumer Services,
                  03/02/04, 2:30 pm, 412-K -SJ 00002; Favorable by Commerce,
                  Economic Opportunities, and Consumer Services; YEAS 12
                  NAYS 0 -SJ 00213
03/03/04 SENATE Now in Finance and Taxation -SJ 00213
04/15/04 SENATE On Committee agenda-- Finance and Taxation, 04/20/04, 3:30
                  pm, 37-S
04/20/04 SENATE CS/CS by- Finance and Taxation; YEAS 5 NAYS 0 -SJ 00699;
                  CS read first time on 04/21/04 -SJ 00700
04/21/04 SENATE Placed on Calendar, on second reading -SJ 00699
04/30/04 SENATE Died on Calendar

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Committee Amendments and Floor Amendments
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S 0330c2 393122 Published 04/26/2004 Unavailable Web Page | PDF
S 0330c2 884020 Published 04/30/2004 Unavailable Web Page | PDF
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s 0330 Comprehensive Planning PDF
s 0330 Commerce, Economic Opportunities, and Consumer Services PDF
s 0330 Finance and Taxation PDF

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