January 24, 2021
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The Florida Statutes

The 2005 Florida Statutes

Chapter 633
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Chapter 633, Florida Statutes 2005



633.01  State Fire Marshal; powers and duties; rules.

633.02  Agents; powers and duties; compensation.

633.021  Definitions.

633.0215  Florida Fire Prevention Code.

633.022  Uniform firesafety standards.

633.024  Legislative findings and intent; ensuring effective fire protection of vulnerable nursing home residents essential; retrofit of existing nursing homes expedited by limited state loan guarantee; funding through Insurance Regulatory Trust Fund.

633.0245  State Fire Marshal Nursing Home Fire Protection Loan Guarantee Program.

633.025  Minimum firesafety standards.

633.026  Informal interpretations of the Florida Fire Prevention Code.

633.03  Investigation of fire; reports.

633.052  Ordinances relating to firesafety; definitions; penalties.

633.061  Fire suppression equipment; license to install or maintain.

633.065  Requirements for installation, inspection, and maintenance of fire suppression equipment.

633.071  Standard service tag required on all fire extinguishers and preengineered systems; serial number required on all portable fire extinguishers; standard inspection tags required on all fire protection systems.

633.081  Inspection of buildings and equipment; orders; firesafety inspection training requirements; certification; disciplinary action.

633.082  Inspection of fire control systems and fire protection systems.

633.083  Sale or use of certain types of fire extinguishers prohibited; penalty.

633.085  Inspections of state buildings and premises; tests of firesafety equipment; building plans to be approved.

633.101  Hearings; investigations; investigatory powers of State Fire Marshal; costs of service and witness fees.

633.111  State Fire Marshal to keep records of fires; reports of agents.

633.115  Fire and Emergency Incident Information Reporting Program; duties; fire reports.

633.121  Persons authorized to enforce laws and rules of State Fire Marshal.

633.13  State Fire Marshal; authority of agents.

633.14  Agents; powers to make arrests, conduct searches and seizures, serve summonses, and carry firearms.

633.15  State Fire Marshal; chapter and rules; force and effect.

633.151  Impersonating State Fire Marshal, firefighters, or firesafety inspector; criminal penalties.

633.161  Violations; orders to cease and desist, correct hazardous conditions, preclude occupancy, or vacate; enforcement; penalties.

633.162  Fire suppression system contractors; disciplinary action.

633.163  Administrative fine in lieu of suspension, revocation, or refusal to issue a license, permit, or certificate.

633.167  Probation.

633.171  Penalty for violation of law, rule, or order to cease and desist or for failure to comply with corrective order.

633.175  Investigation of fraudulent insurance claims and crimes; immunity of insurance companies supplying information.

633.18  State Fire Marshal; hearings and investigations; subpoena of witnesses; orders of circuit court.

633.30  Standards for firefighting; definitions.

633.31  Firefighters Employment, Standards, and Training Council.

633.32  Organization; meetings; quorum; compensation; seal.

633.33  Special powers; firefighter training.

633.34  Firefighters; qualifications for employment.

633.35  Firefighter training and certification.

633.351  Disciplinary action; firefighters; standards for revocation of certification.

633.352  Retention of firefighter certification.

633.353  Falsification of qualifications.

633.37  Payment of tuition by employing agency.

633.38  Inservice training and promotion; participation.

633.382  Firefighters; supplemental compensation.

633.39  Gifts and grants.

633.41  Saving clause.

633.42  Additional standards authorized.

633.43  Florida State Fire College established.

633.44  Purpose of fire college.

633.445  State Fire Marshal Scholarship Grant Program.

633.45  Division of State Fire Marshal; powers, duties.

633.46  Fees.

633.461  Use of Insurance Regulatory Trust Fund.

633.47  Procedure for making expenditures.

633.48  Superintendent of college.

633.49  Buildings, equipment, and other facilities; use.

633.50  Division powers and duties; Florida State Fire College.

633.511  Florida Fire Safety Board; membership.

633.514  Board duties; meetings; officers; quorum; compensation; seal.

633.517  Authority of State Fire Marshal to adopt rules, administer oaths, and take testimony.

633.521  Certificate application and issuance; permit issuance; examination and investigation of applicant.

633.524  Certificate and permit fees; use and deposit of collected funds.

633.527  Records concerning applicant; extent of confidentiality.

633.531  Certificate effective statewide; not transferable.

633.534  Issuance of certificate to individuals and business organizations.

633.537  Certificate; expiration; renewal; inactive certificate; continuing education.

633.539  Requirements for installation, inspection, and maintenance of fire protection systems.

633.5391  Backflow prevention assembly inspection.

633.541  Contracting without certificate prohibited; violations; penalty.

633.547  Disciplinary action; fire protection system contractors; grounds for denial, nonrenewal, suspension, or revocation of certificate or permit.

633.549  Violations subject to injunction.

633.551  County and municipal powers; effect of ch. 75-240.

633.554  Application of law regulating contracting and contractors.

633.557  Exemptions; farm outbuildings; standpipe systems installed by plumbing contractors.

633.60  Automatic fire sprinkler systems for one-family dwellings, two-family dwellings, and mobile homes.

633.70  Jurisdiction of State Fire Marshal over alarm system contractors and certified unlimited electrical contractors.

633.701  Requirements for fire alarm system equipment.

633.702  Prohibited acts regarding alarm system contractors or certified unlimited electrical contractors; penalties.

633.72  Florida Fire Code Advisory Council.

633.801  Short title.

633.802  Definitions.

633.803  Legislative intent.

633.804  Safety inspections and consultations; rules.

633.805  Division to make study of firefighter employee occupational diseases.

633.806  Investigations by the division; refusal to admit; penalty.

633.807  Safety; firefighter employer responsibilities.

633.808  Division authority.

633.809  Firefighter employers whose firefighter employees have a high frequency of work-related injuries.

633.810  Workplace safety committees and safety coordinators.

633.811  Firefighter employer penalties.

633.812  Division cooperation with Federal Government; exemption from requirements for private firefighter employers.

633.813  Failure to implement a safety and health program; cancellations.

633.814  Expenses of administration.

633.815  Refusal to admit; penalty.

633.816  Firefighter employee rights and responsibilities.

633.817  Compliance.

633.818  False statements to insurers.

633.819  Matters within jurisdiction of the division; false, fictitious, or fraudulent acts, statements, and representations prohibited; penalty; statute of limitations.

633.820  Volunteer firefighters.

633.821  Workplace safety.

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