HB 467

A bill to be entitled
2An act relating to public K-12 education; amending s.
31003.42, F.S.; providing that comprehensive health
4education taught in the public schools shall include a
5component on teen dating violence and abuse for students
6in grades 7 through 12; creating s. 1006.148, F.S.;
7requiring district school boards to adopt and implement a
8dating violence and abuse policy; providing policy
9requirements; requiring the Department of Education to
10develop a model policy; requiring school personnel
11training; providing an effective date.
13Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
15     Section 1.  Paragraph (n) of subsection (2) of section
161003.42, Florida Statutes, is amended to read:
17     1003.42  Required instruction.-
18     (2)  Members of the instructional staff of the public
19schools, subject to the rules of the State Board of Education
20and the district school board, shall teach efficiently and
21faithfully, using the books and materials required that meet the
22highest standards for professionalism and historic accuracy,
23following the prescribed courses of study, and employing
24approved methods of instruction, the following:
25     (n)  Comprehensive health education that addresses concepts
26of community health; consumer health; environmental health;
27family life, including an awareness of the benefits of sexual
28abstinence as the expected standard and the consequences of
29teenage pregnancy; mental and emotional health; injury
30prevention and safety; nutrition; personal health; prevention
31and control of disease; and substance use and abuse. The health
32education curriculum for students in grades 7 through 12 shall
33include a teen dating violence and abuse component that
34includes, but is not limited to, the definition of dating
35violence and abuse, the warning signs of dating violence and
36abusive behavior, the characteristics of healthy relationships,
37measures to prevent and stop dating violence and abuse, and
38legal remedies and community resources available to victims of
39dating violence and abuse.
41The State Board of Education is encouraged to adopt standards
42and pursue assessment of the requirements of this subsection.
43     Section 2.  Section 1006.148, Florida Statutes, is created
44to read:
45     1006.148  Dating violence and abuse prohibited.-
46     (1)  Each district school board shall adopt and implement a
47dating violence and abuse policy. The policy shall:
48     (a)  Prohibit dating violence and abuse by any student on
49school property, during a school-sponsored activity, or during
50school-sponsored transportation.
51     (b)  Provide procedures for responding to such incidents of
52dating violence or abuse, including accommodations for students
53experiencing dating violence or abuse.
54     (c)  Define dating violence and abuse and provide for a
55teen dating violence and abuse component in the health education
56curriculum, according to s. 1003.42(2)(n), with emphasis on
57prevention education.
58     (d)  Be implemented in a manner that is integrated with a
59school district's discipline policies.
60     (2)  To assist district school boards in developing a
61policy prohibiting dating violence and abuse, the Department of
62Education shall develop a model policy.
63     (3)  Each district school board shall provide training for
64teachers, staff, and school administrators to implement this
66     Section 3.  This act shall take effect July 1, 2010.

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