September 24, 2020
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HB 0491CS


1The Health Care General Committee recommends the following:
3     Council/Committee Substitute
4     Remove the entire bill and insert:
A bill to be entitled
6An act relating to routinely recommended childhood
7vaccines; requiring the University of Miami, in
8conjunction with regional autism centers, to conduct a
9study; providing the goal of the study; providing for
10consultation with other schools; requiring a report to the
11Governor and the Legislature; requiring the Department of
12Health to prepare a notice to be displayed in specified
13locations where routinely recommended childhood vaccines
14are administered to children in a specified age group;
15specifying contents of the notice; requiring certain
16health care practitioners that administer such vaccines to
17post the notice; providing an effective date.
19Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
21     Section 1.  Autism study.--The University of Miami, in
22conjunction with the regional autism centers established under
23s. 1004.55, Florida Statutes, shall conduct an autism
24epidemiology study and a review of the current published
25scientific literature relating to autism. The goal of the study
26is to gain a better understanding of the prevalence of autism in
27the state; the unique demographic characteristics of the
28autistic population; the role that family history plays in the
29development of autism; the effect of routinely recommended
30childhood vaccines containing the preservative thimerosal, other
31environmental exposure to mercury, and exposure to other toxic
32chemicals on children; and other factors that may have an impact
33on the development of autism in children. The university may
34consult with other Florida university medical schools and
35colleges or schools of pharmacy in conducting this study. The
36university shall submit a report of its findings to the
37Governor, the President of the Senate, and the Speaker the House
38of Representatives by October 1, 2007.
39     Section 2.  Department of Health; administration of
40routinely recommended childhood vaccines; notice.--The
41Department of Health shall prepare a notice for display by all
42health care practitioners as defined in s. 456.001(4), Florida
43Statutes, who administer routinely recommended childhood
44vaccines to children under 3 years of age. The notice shall be
45written in simple language so that it is easily understandable
46by the general population. The notice shall be made available in
47both English and Spanish and shall contain, at a minimum:
48     (1)  A statement indicating that childhood vaccines
49routinely recommended by health care practitioners may contain
50thimerosal, a preservative that contains mercury.
51     (2)  A statement declaring the official position of the
52United States Public Health Service on the presence of
53thimerosal in routinely recommended childhood vaccines.
54     (3)  The Internet website address of the Department of
55Health pertaining to routinely recommended childhood vaccines
56and immunizations.
57     (4)  The Internet website addresses of the Centers for
58Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of
59Health pertaining to the most current scientific information
60regarding the use of thimerosal in routinely recommended
61childhood vaccines.
62     Section 3.  Notice to the public.--A health care
63practitioner as defined in s. 456.001(4), Florida Statutes, who
64administers routinely recommended childhood vaccines to children
65under 3 years of age shall display in the office or location
66where the vaccinations take place a notice prepared by the
67Department of Health containing specific information regarding
68vaccines pursuant to section 2. The notice shall be displayed in
69a location conspicuous to the public or as required by the
71     Section 4.  This act shall take effect January 1, 2007.

CODING: Words stricken are deletions; words underlined are additions.
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