November 28, 2020
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HB 1373

A bill to be entitled
2An act relating to the Prostate Cancer Awareness Program;
3amending s. 381.911, F.S.; revising the structure and
4objectives of the Prostate Cancer Awareness Program within
5the Department of Health; revising the purpose of the
6program; revising requirements for program implementation;
7requiring the department and the University of Florida
8Prostate Disease Center to establish the University of
9Florida Prostate Disease Center Prostate Cancer Task Force
10to replace the Prostate Cancer Advisory Committee;
11providing for the appointment of task force members by the
12State Surgeon General upon specified recommendations;
13providing for terms of members; providing for meetings and
14duties; requiring an annual report to the Governor, the
15Legislature, and the State Surgeon General; removing a
16provision requiring the program to coordinate efforts with
17the Florida Public Health Institute, Inc.; providing an
18effective date.
20     WHEREAS, the Legislature recognizes that prostate cancer is
21a major public health problem and that promoting awareness of
22this disease is in the public interest of this state, and
23     WHEREAS, according to the Department of Health's Florida
24Cancer Plan 2003-2006, prostate cancer was the most commonly
25diagnosed cancer in Florida, accounting for one in every four
26cancer diagnoses, and
27     WHEREAS, the costs for screening, staging, and treating
28prostate cancer patients in both dollars and morbidity continue
29to rise, which threatens the foundation of this state's health
30system, and
31     WHEREAS, because African-American men are 2.8 times more
32likely to succumb to prostate cancer than their white
33counterparts, a call for action is mandatory, and
34     WHEREAS, there are currently no organized, active, or
35effective mechanisms in Florida to mitigate the incidence, lack
36of community education and awareness, racial and ethnic
37disparities, and rising burdens of prostate cancer, and
38     WHEREAS, the Legislature finds that it is a public
39necessity to work with the University of Florida Prostate
40Disease Center to establish the University of Florida Prostate
41Disease Center Prostate Cancer Task Force and to make changes to
42the Prostate Cancer Awareness Program in order to more
43effectively serve the needs of the people of Florida, NOW,
46Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
48     Section 1.  Section 381.911, Florida Statutes, is amended
49to read:
50     381.911  Prostate Cancer Awareness Program.-
51     (1)  To the extent that funds are specifically made
52available for this purpose, the Prostate Cancer Awareness
53Program is established within the Department of Health. The
54purpose of this program is to:
55     (a)  Meet and exceed implement the recommendations offered
56in of January 2000 by of the Florida Prostate Cancer Task Force.
57     (b)  to Provide for statewide outreach to promote prostate
58cancer awareness.
59     (c)  Communicate the advantages of early detection.
60     (d)  Report recent progress in prostate cancer research and
61the availability of clinical trials.
62     (e)  Minimize health disparities through outreach,
63education, and screening events.
64     (f)  Communicate best practice principles to physicians
65involved in the care of prostate cancer patients.
66     (g)  Establish a communication platform for patients and
67their advocates and health education activities to ensure that
68men are aware of and appropriately seek medical counseling for
69prostate cancer as an early-detection health care measure.
70     (2)  For purposes of implementing the program, the
71Department of Health and the University of Florida Prostate
72Disease Center may work with other organizations and
73institutions to create a systemic focus on increasing community
74education and awareness about prostate cancer by Florida Public
75Health Institute, Inc., may:
76     (a)  Conducting Conduct activities directly or entering
77enter into contracts a contract with a qualified nonprofit
78community education entities entity.
79     (b)  Seeking Seek any available gifts, grants, or funds
80from the state, the Federal Government, philanthropic
81foundations, and industry or business groups.
82     (3)  The University of Florida Prostate Disease Center
83shall collaborate with the Department of Health to establish the
84University of Florida Prostate Disease Center Prostate Cancer
85Task Force and lead the task force in developing and
86implementing strategies to improve early detection and,
87consequently, reduce the number of patients succumbing to
88prostate cancer. A Prostate Cancer Advisory committee is created
89to advise and assist the Department of Health and the Florida
90Public Health Institute, Inc., in implementing the program.
91     (a)  The State Surgeon General shall appoint, upon
92recommendation of the Executive Director of the University of
93Florida Prostate Disease Center in consultation with the
94Department of Health's Comprehensive Cancer Control Program and
95the Florida Cancer Control Program, geographically and
96institutionally diverse task force the advisory committee
97members, who shall consist of:
98     1.  Two Three persons from prostate cancer survivor groups
99or cancer-related advocacy groups.
100     2.  Three persons who are scientists or clinicians from in-
101state public universities or community practitioners who are
102known experts in prostate cancer care, research, or education
103research organizations.
104     3.  Three persons who are engaged in the practice of a
105cancer-related medical specialty from health organizations
106committed to cancer research and control.
107     4.  The Executive Director of the University of Florida
108Prostate Disease Center or his or her designee.
109     (b)  Members shall serve without compensation but are
110entitled to reimbursement, pursuant to s. 112.061, for per diem
111and travel expenses incurred in the performance of their
112official duties.
113     (c)  Each member of the task force shall be appointed to a
1144-year term, except that the Executive Director of the
115University of Florida Prostate Disease Center or his or her
116designee shall serve as a permanent member of the task force.
117For the purpose of providing staggered terms, of the initial
118appointments, four members shall be appointed to 2-year terms
119and four members shall be appointed to 4-year terms. A member of
120the council may be removed at any time by the State Surgeon
121General, who shall appoint a replacement upon the recommendation
122of the Executive Director of the University of Florida Prostate
123Disease Center in consultation with other task force members and
124the Department of Health's designated subcommittees.
125     (d)  The task force shall meet twice a year and at other
126times upon the call of the Executive Director of the University
127of Florida Prostate Disease Center or a majority of the task
128force members.
129     (e)  Five members of the task force shall constitute a
130quorum, and an affirmative vote of a majority of the members
131present is required for final action.
132     (f)  The task force shall:
133     1.  Present prostate cancer-related policy recommendations
134to the Department of Health and other appropriate governmental
136     2.  Verify the accuracy of prostate cancer information
137disseminated to the public.
138     3.  Develop effective communication channels among all
139private and public entities across the state that are involved
140in prostate cancer education, research, treatment, and patient
142     4.  Plan, develop, and implement activities designed to
143heighten awareness and educate residents of this state,
144especially residents in underserved areas, regarding the
145importance of early detection and effective treatment options
146for prostate cancer.
147     5.  Disseminate information on recent progress in prostate
148cancer research and the availability of clinical trials.
149     6.  Minimize health disparities through outreach,
150education, and screening events.
151     7.  Communicate best practice principles to physicians
152involved in the care of prostate cancer patients.
153     8.  Establish a communication platform for patients and
154their advocates.
155     9.  Conduct an annual prostate cancer symposium that brings
156physicians, researchers, community leaders, prostate cancer
157survivors, and prostate cancer advocates together to highlight
158recent advances in prostate cancer research, clinical trials,
159and best practices in the prevention of the disease and to
160promote strategies for successful rural and urban outreach,
161community education, and increased awareness.
162     10.  Submit and present an annual report to the Governor,
163the President of the Senate, the Speaker of the House of
164Representatives, and the State Surgeon General by January 15,
165beginning in 2011, that contains recommendations for legislative
166changes necessary to decrease the incidence of prostate cancer,
167decrease racial and ethnic disparities, and promote increased
168community education and awareness.
169     (4)  The program shall coordinate its efforts with those of
170the Florida Public Health Institute, Inc.
171     Section 2.  This act shall take effect July 1, 2010.

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