October 22, 2020
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HCR 5711

House Concurrent Resolution
2A concurrent resolution relating to joint legislative
5     WHEREAS, the Legislature has independent constitutional
6authority to administer and direct all legislative offices and
7employees, and
8     WHEREAS, one Legislature may not bind any succeeding
9Legislature, and
10     WHEREAS, each Legislature, at the time of organizing,
11enjoys all the powers, rights, privileges, and immunities vested
12in or granted to the Legislature, the Senate, and the House of
13Representatives by the Florida Constitution and other organic
14law, and
15     WHEREAS, HB 5709, 2010 Regular Session, repeals provisions
16of law that purport to govern the administration of certain
17legislative offices, and
18     WHEREAS, it is the intention of the Twenty-First
19Legislature convened under the Constitution of 1968 that certain
20offices and legislative activities continue under its
21constitutional authority, and
22     WHEREAS, the Legislature intends that the Twenty-Second
23Legislature be well advised regarding the continuation of
24certain existing offices and legislative activities, NOW,
27Be It Resolved by the House of Representatives of the State of
28Florida, the Senate Concurring:
30     That:
31     (1)  Until superseded by any joint rule, concurrent
32resolution, or agreement of the President of the Senate and the
33Speaker of the House of Representatives, and only to the extent
34not inconsistent with the Laws of Florida as amended by this
35Legislature, the provisions of sections 11.42 and 11.45, Florida
36Statutes 2009, relating to the Auditor General, and sections
3711.51, 11.511, and 11.513, Florida Statutes 2009, relating to
38the Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government
39Accountability, are incorporated in this subsection by reference
40and shall remain operative.
41     (2)  To the extent the President of the Senate and the
42Speaker of the House of Representatives agree that particular
43legislative activities are useful and beneficial, they shall, on
44or before the effective date of HB 5709, 2010 Regular Session,
45or within a reasonable time thereafter, assign to appropriate
46legislative offices any legislative activities referenced in:
47     (a)  Section 11.60, Florida Statutes 2009, relating to the
48Joint Administrative Procedures Committee.
49     (b)  Section 11.70, Florida Statutes 2009, relating to the
50Legislative Committee on Intergovernmental Relations.
51     (c)  Sections 216.0446, 216.163(2)(f), and 282.322, Florida
52Statutes 2009, relating to the review of information technology
53resources needs and a special monitoring process for designated
54information resources management projects.
55     (3)  Until superseded by any joint rule, concurrent
56resolution, or agreement of the President of the Senate and the
57Speaker of the House of Representatives, to the extent necessary
58to carry out the purposes of this concurrent resolution, but
59only to the extent not inconsistent with the Laws of Florida as
60amended by this Legislature, the Legislative Auditing Committee
61may continue in operation and Joint Rule Three, relating to
62legislative support services, Joint Rule Four, relating to the
63Legislative Auditing Committee, Joint Rule Five, relating to the
64Auditor General, and Joint Rule Six, relating to the Office of
65Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability, are
66hereby suspended and the provisions of those joint rules shall
67operate only as agreed by the President of the Senate and the
68Speaker of the House of Representatives.
69     (4)  The President of the Senate and the Speaker of the
70House of Representatives, as soon as reasonably practicable
71after adjournment sine die of the 2010 Regular Session, shall
72appoint a joint select committee to recommend joint rules deemed
73advisable to govern joint committee procedures and joint rules
74to govern legislative offices referenced in statute, including,
75but not limited to, the following offices as defined in HB 5709,
762010 Regular Session:
77     (a)  The Administrative Procedures Committee.
78     (b)  The Legislative Auditing Committee.
79     (c)  The Legislative Accountability Office.
80     (d)  The Office of Economic and Demographic Research.
81     (5)  This concurrent resolution shall be effective upon
82adoption by the Senate and the House of Representatives.

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