HR 9033

House Resolution
2A resolution recognizing February 2010 as Safe Haven for
3Newborns Month in Florida and commending the Gloria M.
4Silverio Foundation for its efforts on behalf of newborns.
6     WHEREAS, the Florida Legislature adopted legislation in
72000 establishing safe haven facilities where parents could
8anonymously place newborn infants, who might otherwise be
9abandoned, without fear of prosecution, and
10     WHEREAS, in memory of his wife, Gloria, Nick Silverio
11established "A Safe Haven For Newborns" in 2001, a project of
12the Gloria M. Silverio Foundation, in response to the tragedy of
13newborn abandonment in Florida, and
14     WHEREAS, the project that began in Miami has now spread
15through a grassroots effort to reach all 67 counties in Florida,
16partnering with the Florida Fire Chiefs Association, emergency
17medical services, hospitals, and other organizations and
18agencies in the state, to raise awareness and provide responses
19to mothers who ask where they might place their infants, and
20     WHEREAS, by establishing a multilingual referral help line
21that is constantly staffed with a network of volunteers and
22providing public service announcements and a publicly accessible
23website of information, "A Safe Haven for Newborns" has become
24the primary information resource in Florida alerting parents as
25to how they can anonymously and safely place their newborn
26infants, thereby saving lives, and
27     WHEREAS, since the inception of the safe haven law in 2000,
28at least 143 newborns have been placed in safe haven facilities,
29due in large measure to the leadership of the Gloria M. Silverio
30Foundation, and
31     WHEREAS, the Gloria M. Silverio Foundation, in creating "A
32Safe Haven for Newborns," has performed a unique service to
33communities in this state and provided vital leadership for
34others in our society who seek remediation to the tragedy of
35infant abandonment, NOW, THEREFORE,
37Be It Resolved by the House of Representatives of the State of
40     That February 2010 is recognized as "Safe Haven for
41Newborns Month" in Florida and the Gloria M. Silverio Foundation
42is commended for its efforts to protect newborns through safe
43haven facilities and support.
44     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution be
45presented to Nick E. Silverio of "A Safe Haven for Newborns" as
46a tangible token of the sentiments expressed herein.

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