Florida Senate - 2010                              (NP)    SR 78
       By Senator Joyner
       18-00017-10                                             201078__
    1                          Senate Resolution                        
    2         A resolution recognizing the month of March 2010 as
    3         “Women’s History Month.”
    5         WHEREAS, women have made historic contributions to the
    6  growth and strength of this state in countless recorded and
    7  unrecorded ways, and
    8         WHEREAS, women have played and continue to play a critical
    9  economic, cultural, and social role in every sphere of life by
   10  constituting a significant portion of the labor force working
   11  inside and outside the home, and
   12         WHEREAS, women have played a unique role throughout the
   13  history of the nation by providing the majority of our volunteer
   14  labor force and were particularly important in the establishment
   15  of early charitable, philanthropic, and cultural institutions,
   16  and
   17         WHEREAS, women of every race, class, and ethnic background
   18  served as early leaders in the forefront of every major
   19  progressive movement to improve society, and
   20         WHEREAS, women have been leaders, not only in securing
   21  their own rights of suffrage and equal opportunity, but also in
   22  the abolitionist movement, the industrial labor movement, the
   23  civil rights movement, the environmental justice movement, and
   24  other social justice campaigns, especially the peace movement,
   25  creating a more fair and just society for all, and
   26         WHEREAS, despite these contributions, the role of women has
   27  been consistently overlooked and undervalued in literature and
   28  in the teaching and study of history, and
   29         WHEREAS, in recognition of the contributions of women,
   30  Congress has passed a resolution each year since 1987
   31  designating the month of March as “Women’s History Month,” and
   32         WHEREAS, the theme of Women’s History Month in 2010 is
   33  “Writing Women Back into History” and the month of March
   34  presents special opportunities to celebrate the wisdom and
   35  tenacity of generations of women who have come before us and
   36  those who will follow, and to acknowledge the courage,
   37  determination, and steadfastness needed to move history forward,
   40  Be It Resolved by the Senate of the State of Florida:
   42         That March 2010 is recognized as “Women’s History Month”
   43  and the residents of this state are called upon to observe this
   44  and every March by participating in programs, ceremonies, and
   45  activities to foster an awareness of and appreciation for the
   46  contributions made by women which have benefited and improved
   47  society.

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