September 24, 2020
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Senate Bill 0196

Senate Bill sb0196

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    Florida Senate - 2004                                   SB 196

    By Senator Wasserman Schultz


  1                      A bill to be entitled

  2         An act relating to economic recovery; providing

  3         legislative intent; providing criteria,

  4         requirements, and limitations on certain

  5         training; providing for power and authority of

  6         the Agency for Workforce Innovation; providing

  7         requirements for expenditure of certain funds;

  8         amending s. 443.036, F.S.; providing a

  9         definition and an application of an alternative

10         base period; providing requirements and

11         limitations; specifying, for a limited time

12         period, alternative time periods and amounts of

13         certain payments, an increase in weekly benefit

14         amounts, and waiver of a waiting period for

15         certain individuals for unemployment

16         compensation purposes; providing an effective

17         date.


19  Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:


21         Section 1.  The Legislature finds that businesses and

22  individuals in this state are experiencing significant

23  economic hardship and that revenues critical to the delivery

24  of vital public services are jeopardized. Therefore, it is the

25  intent of the Legislature to establish policies designed to

26  stimulate economic activity in this state and promote the

27  economic security of the residents of this state. The need to

28  retain and create jobs in this state in the current economic

29  environment is great.  A significant investment of state funds

30  in reemployment and retraining programs is essential to

31  economic recovery in this state. The state should invest in


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    Florida Senate - 2004                                   SB 196

 1  economic-recovery training programs that deliver a high

 2  expectation of continued employment after a reasonably short

 3  period of training is completed. Economic-recovery training

 4  funds should be expended on programs that enhance the skills

 5  of residents of this state who are employed by businesses

 6  based in this state.

 7         Section 2.  Economic-recovery training shall be awarded

 8  to providers of training services on a competitive-bid basis

 9  and shall receive continued support on a performance-based

10  schedule not to exceed 12 months. Training agreements may not

11  be continued with employers who demonstrate a pattern of

12  failing to provide participants with employment. The Agency

13  for Workforce Innovation and its controlling board, Workforce

14  Florida, Inc., shall have power and authority over the use of

15  economic-recovery training funds pursuant to this act, and

16  such funds shall be expended in accordance with the provisions

17  of chapter 445, Florida Statutes.

18         Section 3.  Subsection (7) of section 443.036, Florida

19  Statutes, is amended to read:

20         443.036  Definitions.--As used in this chapter, the

21  term:

22         (7)(a)  "Base period" means the first four of the last

23  five completed calendar quarters immediately preceding the

24  first day of an individual's benefit year.

25         (b)  With respect to a benefit year commencing after

26  October 1, 2004, if an individual is not monetarily eligible

27  in his or her base period to qualify for benefits, the Agency

28  for Workforce Innovation must designate his or her base period

29  to be the alternative base period. As used in this paragraph,

30  the term "alternative base period" means the last four

31  completed calendar quarters immediately preceding the


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    Florida Senate - 2004                                   SB 196

 1  individual's benefit year. Wages used in a base period to

 2  establish a monetarily eligible benefit year may not be

 3  applied to establish monetary eligibility in any succeeding

 4  benefit year. If information regarding wages for the calendar

 5  quarter or quarters immediately preceding the benefit year has

 6  not been input into the agency's database, the agency shall

 7  request such information from the employer. An employer must

 8  respond to the wage request within 10 days after receiving a

 9  request from the agency. If the employer fails to provide the

10  requested wage information within the required time, the

11  employer is subject to the penalty for delinquent reports

12  provided in s. 443.141(1)(b).

13         (c)  For monetary determinations based upon the

14  alternative base period under paragraph (b), if the agency is

15  unable to access the wage information through its database,

16  the agency may base the determination of eligibility for

17  benefits on an affidavit submitted by the individual with

18  respect to wages for those calendar quarters. The individual

19  must furnish payroll information, if available, in support of

20  the affidavit. A determination of benefits based upon an

21  alternative base period shall be adjusted when the quarterly

22  report of wage information from the employer is received, if

23  that information causes a change in the determination.

24         Section 4.  (1)  Notwithstanding section 443.091(1)(e),

25  Florida Statutes, the waiting period of 1 week shall be waived

26  for unemployed individuals eligible to receive benefits.

27         (2)  Notwithstanding section 443.111(1), Florida

28  Statutes, the initial payment of unemployment compensation

29  benefits shall be for 1 week of compensation and subsequent

30  compensation shall occur biweekly.



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    Florida Senate - 2004                                   SB 196

 1         (3)  Notwithstanding section 443.111(3), Florida

 2  Statutes, the weekly benefit amount for any individual shall

 3  be increased by the greater of $25 or 15 percent.

 4         (4)  This section expires June 30, 2006.

 5         Section 5.  This act shall take effect July 1, 2004.


 7            *****************************************

 8                          SENATE SUMMARY

 9    Provides legislative intent for economic-recovery
      measures. Provides criteria, requirements, and
10    limitations for economic-recovery training. Provides for
      use of an alternative base period whenever an individual
11    is not monetarily eligible in a base period to receive
      unemployment compensation benefits. Specifies alternative
12    time periods and amounts of payments of unemployment
      compensation, an increase in weekly benefit amounts for
13    unemployment compensation purposes, and a waiver of a
      waiting period for unemployed individuals eligible to
14    receive benefits. (See bill for details.)



















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