Florida Senate - 2009                             CS for SB 1664
       By the Committee on Health and Human Services Appropriations;
       and Senator Peaden
       603-03991-09                                          20091664c1
    1                        A bill to be entitled                      
    2         An act relating to health care; amending s. 381.84,
    3         F.S.; deleting provisions limiting certain activities
    4         of the Florida Area Health Education Network and the
    5         Department of Health to specified fiscal years;
    6         increasing the amount of a contract or grant required
    7         to be awarded to the AHEC network by the department
    8         for the purpose of developing a smoking-cessation
    9         initiative; deleting a provision authorizing the AHEC
   10         network to apply for a competitive grant after a
   11         specified date; amending s. 381.922, F.S.; decreasing
   12         the amount of annual appropriations to the Biomedical
   13         Research Trust Fund within the Department of Health
   14         beginning with the 2009-2010 fiscal year; providing an
   15         effective date.
   17  Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
   19         Section 1. Paragraph (i) of subsection (3) and subsection
   20  (6) of section 381.84, Florida Statutes, are amended to read:
   21         381.84 Comprehensive Statewide Tobacco Education and Use
   22  Prevention Program.—
   23         (3) PROGRAM COMPONENTS AND REQUIREMENTS.—The department
   24  shall conduct a comprehensive, statewide tobacco education and
   25  use prevention program consistent with the recommendations for
   26  effective program components contained in the 1999 Best
   27  Practices for Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs of the CDC,
   28  as amended by the CDC. The program shall include the following
   29  components, each of which shall focus on educating people,
   30  particularly youth and their parents, about the health hazards
   31  of tobacco and discouraging the use of tobacco:
   32         (i) AHEC smoking-cessation initiative.For the 2007-2008
   33  and 2008-2009 fiscal years only, The AHEC network shall expand
   34  the AHEC smoking-cessation initiative to each county within the
   35  state and perform other activities as determined by the
   36  department.
   37         (6) CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS.—Contracts or grants for the
   38  program components or subcomponents described in paragraphs
   39  (3)(a)-(f) shall be awarded by the State Surgeon General, after
   40  consultation with the council, on the basis of merit, as
   41  determined by an open, competitive, peer-reviewed process that
   42  ensures objectivity, consistency, and high quality. The
   43  department shall award such grants or contracts no later than
   44  October 1 for each fiscal year. A recipient of a contract or
   45  grant for the program component described in paragraph (3)(c) is
   46  not eligible for a contract or grant award for any other program
   47  component described in subsection (3) in the same state fiscal
   48  year. A school or college of medicine that is represented on the
   49  council is not eligible to receive a contract or grant under
   50  this section. For the 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 fiscal years only,
   51  The department shall award a contract or grant in the amount of
   52  $11 million $10 million to the AHEC network for the purpose of
   53  developing the components described in paragraph (3)(i). The
   54  AHEC network may apply for a competitive contract or grant after
   55  the 2008-2009 fiscal year.
   56         Section 2. Subsection (5) of section 381.922, Florida
   57  Statutes, as amended by section 2 of chapter 2009-5, Laws of
   58  Florida, is amended to read:
   59         381.922 William G. “Bill” Bankhead, Jr., and David Coley
   60  Cancer Research Program.—
   61         (5) For the 2009-2010 2008-2009 fiscal year and each fiscal
   62  year thereafter, the sum of $5 million $6.75 million is
   63  appropriated annually from recurring funds in the General
   64  Revenue Fund to the Biomedical Research Trust Fund within the
   65  Department of Health for purposes of the William G. “Bill”
   66  Bankhead, Jr., and David Coley Cancer Research Program and shall
   67  be distributed pursuant to this section to provide grants to
   68  researchers seeking cures for cancer, with emphasis given to the
   69  goals enumerated in s. 381.921. From the total funds
   70  appropriated, an amount of up to 10 percent may be used for
   71  administrative expenses.
   72         Section 3. This act shall take effect July 1, 2009.

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