January 17, 2021
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       Florida Senate - 2010            (Corrected Copy)(NP)    SR 2328
       By Senator Aronberg
       27-00215C-10                                          20102328__
    1                          Senate Resolution                        
    2         A resolution recognizing 2011 as the “Centennial Year
    3         of U.S. Naval Aviation.”
    5         WHEREAS, on January 26, 1911, Glenn H. Curtiss conducted
    6  the first successful demonstration of a sea plane in San Diego
    7  Harbor, thus affirming the application of airplanes for naval
    8  purposes, and
    9         WHEREAS, on May 8, 1911, Capt. Washington Irving Chambers
   10  prepared a requisition for the purchase of the U.S. Navy’s first
   11  aircraft, and this date would later be designated as the
   12  birthday of U.S. Naval aviation, and
   13         WHEREAS, during the first century of naval aviation,
   14  numerous milestones have been observed, including the birth of
   15  Marine Corps aviation on May 22, 1912; the commission of the
   16  U.S. Navy’s first aircraft carrier, the USS Langley, in 1922;
   17  the first takeoff from, and landing on, a U.S. Navy aircraft
   18  carrier, also in 1922; and, in 1942, the first naval engagement
   19  in which ships of the opposing forces were not in sight of each
   20  other, and
   21         WHEREAS, on February 20, 1962, Lt. Col. John H. Glenn, Jr.,
   22  USMC, became the first American to orbit the earth, and
   23         WHEREAS, on July 20, 1969, former naval aviator Neil
   24  Armstrong became the first American to set foot on the surface
   25  of the moon, and
   26         WHEREAS, on February 22, 1974, Lt. j.g. Barbara Ann Allen
   27  (Rainey) became the first female naval aviator in our nation’s
   28  history, and
   29         WHEREAS, among the many milestones that have marked the
   30  first century of U.S. Naval aviation, a number of significant
   31  achievements within the State of Florida have had considerable
   32  impact, both nationwide as well as statewide, and
   33         WHEREAS, Florida is home to four Naval air stations, NAS
   34  Pensacola, NAS Whiting Field in Milton, NAS Key West, and NAS
   35  Jacksonville, with Jacksonville also being the home to Naval
   36  Station Mayport, which supports air operations, and
   37         WHEREAS, on April 23, 1940, Naval Air Station (NAS)
   38  Jacksonville became the only military installation in the United
   39  States that was given as a gift from the people to the United
   40  States government, and
   41         WHEREAS, the gift of NAS Jacksonville was followed by the
   42  official commissioning of the naval air station on October 15,
   43  1940, and
   44         WHEREAS, NAS Jacksonville was the original home of the
   45  Navy’s Blue Angels flight demonstration team, who performed
   46  their first show at Craig Field in Jacksonville on June 15,
   47  1946, and
   48         WHEREAS, NAS Jacksonville also became the home of the
   49  Naval Air Advanced Training Command, and
   50         WHEREAS, in 1914, the Pensacola Navy yard was officially
   51  changed from a naval yard to a naval air station, thus becoming
   52  the first naval air station in the U.S. Navy and the primary
   53  training facility for all naval aviators and enlisted aircrew
   54  personnel, and
   55         WHEREAS, in 1954, NAS Pensacola became the new home of the
   56  Navy’s Blue Angels, and
   57         WHEREAS, in July 1943, NAS Whiting Field opened as a
   58  training facility to fulfill the need for pilot training
   59  commands in World War II, and
   60         WHEREAS, today NAS Whiting Field is responsible for an
   61  estimated 46 percent of the Chief of Naval Air Command’s total
   62  flight time and over 10 percent of the Navy’s and the Marine
   63  Corps’ total flight time, and
   64         WHEREAS, every year an estimated 1,200 personnel complete
   65  their essential flight training at NAS Whiting Field on their
   66  way to becoming naval pilots, and
   67         WHEREAS, on October 21, 1948, Jesse Brown became the U.S.
   68  Navy’s first African-American pilot when he was awarded his
   69  wings at NAS Jacksonville, and
   70         WHEREAS, it is with great pride and sense of accomplishment
   71  that the citizens of the State of Florida join with all citizens
   72  of the United States in recognizing 2011 as the “Centennial Year
   73  of U.S. Naval Aviation,” NOW, THEREFORE,
   75  Be It Resolved by the Senate of the State of Florida:
   77         That the Senate recognizes 2011 as the “Centennial Year of
   78  U.S. Naval Aviation.”

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