Florida Senate - 2010                            (NP)    SR 2832
       By Senator Deutch
       30-03856-10                                           20102832__
    1                          Senate Resolution                        
    2         A resolution recognizing May 1, 2010, as “Silver Star
    3         Service Banner Day” in Florida.
    5         WHEREAS, for more than 200 years, individuals from all
    6  walks of life have taken up arms and sworn an oath to support
    7  and defend the principles upon which our country was founded,
    8  and
    9         WHEREAS, throughout our history, courageous men and women
   10  have donned the uniform of our Armed Forces and built a noble
   11  tradition of faithful and dedicated service to our nation, and
   12         WHEREAS, the State of Florida has always honored the great
   13  sacrifice of men and women in the Armed Forces, and
   14         WHEREAS, all Floridians are encouraged to remember and
   15  reflect upon the great sacrifices that our wounded soldiers have
   16  made to preserve the ideals and freedoms of our nation, and
   17         WHEREAS, we can never fully repay our debt of gratitude to
   18  those heroic men and women who served, many of whom were wounded
   19  or killed in battle, and
   20         WHEREAS, the Silver Star Families of America provide Silver
   21  Star banners, flags, and care packages to wounded and sick
   22  veterans in this state and across the nation, and
   23         WHEREAS, the sole mission of the Silver Star Families of
   24  America is to promote recognition and remembrance of the great
   25  sacrifices made for the United States of America by members of
   26  the Armed Forces through the display of Silver Star banners and
   27  flags, NOW, THEREFORE,
   29  Be It Resolved by the Senate of the State of Florida:
   31         That May 1, 2010, is recognized as “Silver Star Service
   32  Banner Day” in Florida.

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