Florida Senate - 2010                            (NP)    SR 2852
       By Senator Bennett
       21-05048-10                                           20102852__
    1                          Senate Resolution                        
    2         A Resolution honoring Florida’s 2008 Summer and 2010
    3         Winter Olympians, 2008 Summer and 2010 Winter
    4         Paralympians, and 2007 Summer and 2009 Winter Special
    5         Olympians and recognizing their outstanding
    6         achievement in their respective sports.
    8         WHEREAS, April 28, 2010, which is recognized as “Fitness
    9  Day at the Capitol,” is an appropriate time for the Florida
   10  Senate to recognize and honor those athletes who represented
   11  this state in the Games of the Twenty-Ninth Summer and Twenty
   12  First Winter Olympiads, the 2008 Summer Paralympics and 2010
   13  Winter Paralympics, and the 2007 Special Olympics World Summer
   14  Games and 2009 Special Olympics World Winter Games, and
   15         WHEREAS, Fitness Day at the Capitol is a product of the
   16  state plan of action created by the Governor’s Council on
   17  Physical Fitness, which is composed of individuals from diverse
   18  and varied backgrounds, including physicians, educators,
   19  students, nutritionists, professional athletes, and former
   20  Olympians, and
   21         WHEREAS, among those who serve on the Governor’s Council on
   22  Physical Fitness are former Olympians Jennifer Capriati, Nancy
   23  Hogshead-Makar, Shannon Miller, Dorothy “Dot” Richardson, and
   24  Dara Torres, and
   25         WHEREAS, it is essential to promote health and wellness by
   26  encouraging regular exercise and sound nutritional practices for
   27  all Floridians, thereby reducing the rate of obesity and
   28  resulting chronic diseases, and
   29         WHEREAS, Florida’s Olympians, Paralympians, and Special
   30  Olympians are role models who demonstrate the virtues and
   31  positive results of a healthful lifestyle that includes physical
   32  fitness, such as tennis great Chris Evert, who also exemplifies
   33  service to her community, and
   34         WHEREAS, many outstanding athletes represented Florida and
   35  the United States as team members in the 2008 United States
   36  Summer Paralympics, the 2010 United States Winter Paralympics,
   37  the 2007 United States Summer Special Olympics World Games, and
   38  the 2009 Winter Special Olympics Summer World Games, and
   39         WHEREAS, due to years of hard work and preparation of both
   40  mind and body, these men and women persevered to reach the
   41  highest level of achievement in their respective events,
   42  representing their home state of Florida with honor and
   43  personifying the Olympic motto, “Citius, Altius, Fortius,”
   44  “Faster, Stronger, Higher,” and
   45         WHEREAS, the 26 Floridians who participated in the XXIX
   46  Summer Olympic Games held in Beijing, China, in 2008 are: Laura
   47  Bennett, North Palm Beach, triathlon; James Blake, Tampa,
   48  tennis; Damu Cherry, Tampa, track and field; Christopher
   49  Colwill, Brandon, diving; Rafeeq Curry, Miami, track and field;
   50  Phil Dalhausser, Ormond Beach, volleyball; Walter Dix, Coral
   51  Springs, track and field; Dwight Howard, Longwood, basketball;
   52  Hunter Kemper, Longwood, triathlon; Kelly Kretschman, Indian
   53  Harbour Beach, softball; Matt LaPorta, Port Charlotte, baseball;
   54  Ryan Lochte, Daytona Beach, swimming; David Oliver, Orlando,
   55  track and field; Brian Olson, Tallahassee, judo; Zach Railey,
   56  Clearwater, sailing; Nancy Rios, Miami, sailing; Tiffany Ross
   57  Williams, Miami, track and field; Calvin Smith, Gainesville,
   58  track and field; Nathan Sturgis, St. Augustine, soccer; Jevon
   59  Tarantino, Boca Raton, diving; Dara Torres, Jupiter, swimming;
   60  Anna Tunnicliffe, Fort Lauderdale, sailing; Lauryn Williams,
   61  Miami, track and field; Serena Williams, Palm Beach Gardens,
   62  tennis; Tiffany Ross-Williams, Miami, track and field; and Venus
   63  Williams, Palm Beach Gardens, tennis, and
   64         WHEREAS, the five Floridians who participated in the XXI
   65  Winter Olympic Games held in Vancouver, British Columbia,
   66  Canada, in 2010 are: Jeremy Barrett, Venice, figure skating;
   67  Caydee Denney, Wesley Chapel, figure skating; Mark Ladwig,
   68  Bradenton, figure skating; Jennifer Rodriguez, Miami, speed
   69  skating; and Jason Smith, Cape Coral, curling, and
   70         WHEREAS, all Florida Olympians, Paralympians, and Special
   71  Olympians, along with Florida’s youth, collegiate, and
   72  professional athletes, deserve recognition for the example they
   73  display in demonstrating the importance of physical fitness as
   74  part of a healthful lifestyle, NOW, THEREFORE,
   76  Be It Resolved by the Senate of the State of Florida:
   78         That Florida’s Olympians, Paralympians, and Special
   79  Olympians are congratulated on their outstanding achievements,
   80  Florida native Chris Evert is recognized as Florida’s physical
   81  fitness ambassador, and all members of the Governor’s Council on
   82  Physical Fitness are commended for their leadership in promoting
   83  physical fitness for all Floridians.
   84         BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution, with
   85  the Seal of the Senate affixed, be presented to the Governor’s
   86  Council on Physical Fitness as a tangible token of the
   87  sentiments of the Florida Senate.

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