July 11, 2020
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                                                   HOUSE AMENDMENT

                                                  Bill No. HB 1701

    Amendment No. 01 (for drafter's use only)

                            CHAMBER ACTION
              Senate                               House
 1                                 .
 2                                 .
 3                                 .

 5                                           ORIGINAL STAMP BELOW






11  The Committee on Children & Families offered the following:


13         Amendment 

14         On page 4, line 14 through page 7, line 14,

15  remove from the bill:  all of said lines


17  and insert:

18         (2)  The Children's Services Council of Broward County

19  shall:

20         (a)  Immediately after the members are appointed, elect

21  a chair and vice chair from among its members, and elect other

22  officers as deemed necessary by the council.

23         (b)  Immediately after the members are appointed and

24  officers are elected, identify and assess the needs of the

25  children in Broward County served by the council and submit to

26  the County Commission of Broward County a written description

27  of:

28         1.  The activities, services, and opportunities that

29  will be provided to children.

30         2.  The anticipated schedule for providing those

31  activities, services, and opportunities.


    File original & 9 copies    03/23/00
    hcf0003                     04:26 pm         01701-cf  -161181

                                                   HOUSE AMENDMENT

                                                  Bill No. HB 1701

    Amendment No. 01 (for drafter's use only)

 1         3.  The manner in which children will be served,

 2  including a description of arrangements and agreements which

 3  will be made with community organizations, state and local

 4  educational agencies, federal agencies, public assistance

 5  agencies, the juvenile courts, foster care agencies, and other

 6  applicable public and private agencies.

 7         4.  The special outreach efforts that will be

 8  undertaken to provide services to at-risk, abused, or

 9  neglected children.

10         5.  The manner in which the council will seek and

11  provide funding for unmet needs.

12         6.  The strategy which will be used for interagency

13  coordination to maximize existing human and fiscal resources.

14         (c)  Provide training and orientation to all new

15  members sufficient to allow them to perform their duties.

16         (d)  Make and adopt bylaws and rules and regulations

17  for the council's guidance, operation, governance, and

18  maintenance, provided such rules and regulations are not

19  inconsistent with federal or state laws or county ordinances.

20         (e)  Provide an annual written report, to be presented

21  no later than January 1, to the County Commission of Broward

22  County.  The annual report shall contain, but not be limited

23  to the following information:

24         1.  Information on the effectiveness of activities,

25  services, and programs offered by the council, including

26  cost-effectiveness.

27         2.  A detailed anticipated budget for continuation of

28  activities, services, and programs offered by the council, and

29  a list of all sources of requested funding, both public and

30  private.

31         3.  Procedures used for early identification of at-risk


    File original & 9 copies    03/23/00
    hcf0003                     04:26 pm         01701-cf  -161181

                                                   HOUSE AMENDMENT

                                                  Bill No. HB 1701

    Amendment No. 01 (for drafter's use only)

 1  children who need additional or continued services and methods

 2  for ensuring that the additional or continued services are

 3  received.

 4         4.  A description of the degree to which the council's

 5  objectives and activities are consistent with the goals of

 6  this section.

 7         5.  Detailed information on the various programs,

 8  services, and activities available to participants and the

 9  degree to which the programs, services, and activities have

10  been successfully used by children.

11         6.  Information on programs, services, and activities

12  that should be eliminated; programs, services, and activities

13  that should be continued; and programs, services, and

14  activities that should be added to the basic format of the

15  Children's Services Council.

16         (3)  The council shall maintain minutes of each

17  meeting, including a record of all votes cast, and shall make

18  such minutes available to any interested person.

19         (4)  Members of the council shall serve without

20  compensation, but shall be entitled to receive reimbursement

21  for per diem and travel expenses consistent with the

22  provisions of section 112.061, Florida Statutes.

23         (5)  All financial records and accounts relating to the

24  district shall be available for audit by state auditors as

25  they are assigned from time to time to audit the affairs of

26  the County officials. If no annual audit of the district is

27  conducted by the state, the council shall cause an independent

28  audit of the District to be conducted.

29         (6)  Within 10 days, exclusive of weekends and legal

30  holidays, after the expiration of each quarter annual period,

31  the Children's Services Council shall cause to be prepared and


    File original & 9 copies    03/23/00
    hcf0003                     04:26 pm         01701-cf  -161181

                                                   HOUSE AMENDMENT

                                                  Bill No. HB 1701

    Amendment No. 01 (for drafter's use only)

 1  filed with the County Commission of Broward County a financial

 2  report which shall include the following:

 3         (a)  The total expenditures of the council for the

 4  quarter annual period.

 5         (b)  The total receipts of the council during the

 6  quarter annual period.

 7         (c)  A statement of the funds the council has on hand,

 8  has invested, or has deposited with qualified public

 9  depositories at the end of the quarter annual period.

10         (d)  The total administrative costs of the council for

11  the quarter annual period.






















    File original & 9 copies    03/23/00
    hcf0003                     04:26 pm         01701-cf  -161181

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