September 23, 2020
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Bill No. 1629
Amendment No. 987063
Senate House

1Representative Antone offered the following:
3     Amendment (with title amendment)
4     Between lines 3623 and 3624, insert:
5     Section 42.  (1)  The Legislature finds that many of our
6state's hospitals are incurring millions of dollars in costs for
7treating uninsured persons.
8     (2)(a)  The Florida Uninsured Health Care Task Force is
9established for the purpose of investigating how to reduce the
10cost of treating uninsured persons.
11     (b)  The task force shall be comprised of one
12representative each from:
13     1.  The Florida Medical Association, appointed by the board
14of governors of the association.
15     2.  The Florida Dental Association, appointed by the board
16of trustees of the association.
17     3.  The Florida College of Emergency Physicians, appointed
18by the board of directors of the college.
19     4.  The Florida Academy of Family Practitioners, appointed
20by the governing authority of the academy.
21     5.  The Central Florida Partnership on Health Disparities,
22appointed by the governing authority of the partnership.
23     6.  The Department of Health, appointed by Secretary of
25     7.  The Agency for Health Care Administration, appointed by
26the Secretary of Health Care Administration.
27     8.  The Florida Association of Community Health Centers,
28appointed by the board of directors of the association.
29     9.  The Florida Chamber of Commerce, appointed by the board
30of directors of the chamber.
31     10.  The Florida Hospital Association, appointed by the
32board of trustees of the association.
33     11.  The Teaching Hospitals Council, appointed by the
34governing authority of the council.
35     12.  A public hospital more than 25 percent of the health
36care services of which are provided to persons who are subjects
37of charity, appointed by the governing authority of the
38hospital. The hospital shall be designated by the board of
39trustees of the Florida Hospital Association.
40     (c)1.  The task force shall:
41     a.  Study the gaps in access to health care between the
42uninsured and those with health insurance.
43     b.  Identify inexpensive insurance packages for the
44uninsured that are advertised on television, radio, printed
45media, and the Internet.
46     c.  Study who the uninsured are among the working poor,
47small business owners, Medicaid recipients, migrant workers,
48illegal immigrants, and underinsured persons who spend more than
4910 percent of their annual income on health care.
50     d.  Study how providers serve the uninsured, including, but
51not limited to, how and where the uninsured receive health care
52and why they receive health care from certain places.
53     e.  Research available federal funding that might provide
54assistance, including, but not limited to, the community health
55clinics grant.
56     f.  Identify funding alternatives which provide the
57greatest access to federal matching money.
58     g.  Develop a cost-effective model for treating the
59uninsured and reducing costs in hospitals and other facilities
60or groups in this state that provide health care services to the
62     2.  The task force shall develop innovative solutions for
63treating the uninsured, reducing the caseloads in the emergency
64rooms of our hospitals, and streamlining the resources,
65treatment centers, community health centers, county health
66clinics, and other health care facilities that treat uninsured
68     (3)  The task force shall select a chair and shall meet at
69the call of the chair but at least once each month. Membership
70on the task force shall be voluntary and a vacancy shall be
71filled in the same manner as the original appointment. Members
72shall serve without compensation.
73     (4)  The Department of Health and the Agency for Health
74Care Administration shall jointly provide staff to assist the
75task force in fulfilling its responsibilities.
76     (5)  The task force shall develop solutions, make
77recommendations, and report to the President of the Senate and
78the Speaker of the House of Representatives at the beginning of
79the 2005 Regular Session. The task force shall cease to exist
80May 6, 2005.
83================ T I T L E  A M E N D M E N T =============
84     Remove line 279, and insert:
85availability of such information; providing a legislative
86finding; creating the Florida Uninsured Health Care Task Force;
87providing for membership; providing purposes and duties;
88providing for staffing the task force; requiring a report;
89providing for termination; repealing s. 408.02,

CODING: Words stricken are deletions; words underlined are additions.
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