January 20, 2021
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Amendment CaShTmL-393122.HTM
                                                  SENATE AMENDMENT
    Bill No. CS for CS for SB 330
    Amendment No. ___   Barcode 393122
                            CHAMBER ACTION
              Senate                               House
 1                                 .                    
 2                                 .                    
 3                                 .                    
 4  ______________________________________________________________
10  ______________________________________________________________
11  Senator Bennett moved the following amendment:
13         Senate Amendment (with title amendment) 
14         On page 17, between lines 10 and 11,
16  insert:  
17         Section 5.  Sections 5 through 19 of this act may be
18  referred to by the popular name the "Florida Homeownership Act
19  of 2004."
20         Section 6.  Section 193.017, Florida Statutes, is
21  created to read:
22         193.017  Low-income housing tax credit.--Property used
23  for affordable housing which has received a low-income housing
24  tax credit from the Florida Housing Finance Corporation, as
25  authorized by s. 420.5099, shall be assessed under s. 193.011
26  and consistent with s. 420.5099(5) and (6), pursuant to this
27  section.
28         (1)  The tax credits and the financing generated by the
29  tax credits may not be considered as income to the property.
30         (2)  The actual rental income from rent-restricted
31  units in such a property shall be recognized by the property
    6:19 PM   04/26/04                              s0330c2c-21k0e

SENATE AMENDMENT Bill No. CS for CS for SB 330 Amendment No. ___ Barcode 393122 1 appraiser. 2 (3) Any costs paid for by tax credits and costs paid 3 for by additional financing proceeds received under chapter 4 420 may not be included in the valuation of the property. 5 (4) If an extended low-income housing agreement is 6 filed in the official public records of the county in which 7 the property is located, the agreement and any recorded 8 amendment or supplement thereto shall be considered a land 9 use regulation and a limitation on the highest and best use of 10 the property during the term of the agreement, amendment, or 11 supplement. 12 Section 7. Paragraph (f) of subsection (6) of section 13 253.034, Florida Statutes, is amended to read: 14 253.034 State-owned lands; uses.-- 15 (6) The Board of Trustees of the Internal Improvement 16 Trust Fund shall determine which lands, the title to which is 17 vested in the board, may be surplused. For conservation lands, 18 the board shall make a determination that the lands are no 19 longer needed for conservation purposes and may dispose of 20 them by an affirmative vote of at least three members. In the 21 case of a land exchange involving the disposition of 22 conservation lands, the board must determine by an affirmative 23 vote of at least three members that the exchange will result 24 in a net positive conservation benefit. For all other lands, 25 the board shall make a determination that the lands are no 26 longer needed and may dispose of them by an affirmative vote 27 of at least three members. 28 (f) In reviewing lands owned by the board, the council 29 shall consider whether such lands would be more appropriately 30 owned or managed by the county or other unit of local 31 government in which the land is located. The council shall 2 6:19 PM 04/26/04 s0330c2c-21k0e
SENATE AMENDMENT Bill No. CS for CS for SB 330 Amendment No. ___ Barcode 393122 1 recommend to the board whether a sale, lease, or other 2 conveyance to a local government would be in the best 3 interests of the state and local government. The provisions of 4 this paragraph in no way limit the provisions of ss. 253.111 5 and 253.115. Such lands shall be offered to the state, county, 6 or local government for a period of 30 days. Permittable uses 7 for such surplus lands may include public schools; public 8 libraries; fire or law enforcement substations; and 9 governmental, judicial, or recreational centers; and 10 affordable housing. County or local government requests for 11 surplus lands shall be expedited throughout the surplusing 12 process. If the county or local government does not elect to 13 purchase such lands in accordance with s. 253.111, then any 14 surplusing determination involving other governmental agencies 15 shall be made upon the board deciding the best public use of 16 the lands. Surplus properties in which governmental agencies 17 have expressed no interest shall then be available for sale on 18 the private market. 19 Section 8. Subsection (5) is added to section 20 420.0003, Florida Statutes, to read: 21 420.0003 State housing strategy.-- 22 (5) HOUSING OPTIONS.--The affordable housing delivery 23 system shall provide for a variety of housing options as 24 appropriate, including, but not limited to, single family and 25 multifamily housing built according to chapter 553, 26 manufactured housing as defined in s. 320.01(2)(b), and 27 housing coordinated with services for special needs 28 populations. 29 Section 9. Subsection (2) and paragraph (a) of 30 subsection (22) of section 420.507, Florida Statutes, are 31 amended, and subsections (42), (43), and (44) are added to 3 6:19 PM 04/26/04 s0330c2c-21k0e
SENATE AMENDMENT Bill No. CS for CS for SB 330 Amendment No. ___ Barcode 393122 1 that section, to read: 2 420.507 Powers of the corporation.--The corporation 3 shall have all the powers necessary or convenient to carry out 4 and effectuate the purposes and provisions of this part, 5 including the following powers which are in addition to all 6 other powers granted by other provisions of this part: 7 (2) To undertake and carry out studies and analyses of 8 housing needs within the state and ways of meeting those 9 needs, to determine whether supplies of affordable housing in 10 various markets may exceed future demands. 11 (22) To develop and administer the State Apartment 12 Incentive Loan Program. In developing and administering that 13 program, the corporation may: 14 (a) Make first, second, and other subordinated 15 mortgage loans including variable or fixed rate loans subject 16 to contingent interest for all State Apartment Incentive Loans 17 provided for in this chapter based upon available cash flow of 18 the projects. The corporation shall make loans exceeding 25 19 percent of project cost available only to nonprofit 20 organizations and public bodies which are able to secure 21 grants, donations of land, or contributions from other sources 22 and to projects meeting the criteria of subparagraph 1. 23 Mortgage loans shall be made available at the following rates 24 of interest: 25 1. Zero to 3 percent interest for sponsors of projects 26 that set aside at least maintain an 80 percent occupancy of 27 their total units for residents qualifying as farmworkers as 28 defined in s. 420.503(18), or commercial fishing workers as 29 defined in s. 420.503(5), or the homeless as defined in s. 30 420.621(4) over the life of the loan. 31 2. Zero to 3 percent interest for projects that set 4 6:19 PM 04/26/04 s0330c2c-21k0e
SENATE AMENDMENT Bill No. CS for CS for SB 330 Amendment No. ___ Barcode 393122 1 aside at least 80 percent of the project's total units for the 2 homeless as defined in s. 420.621(4), provided the board may 3 set the interest rate based on the pro rata share of units set 4 aside for homeless residents if the total of such units is 5 less than 80 percent of the units in the borrower's project. 6 3.2. Three to 9 percent interest for sponsors of 7 projects targeted at populations other than farmworkers, 8 commercial fishing workers, and the homeless. 9 (42) Establish procedures by rule whereby the 10 corporation may intervene, negotiate terms, or undertake other 11 actions which the corporation deems necessary to avoid default 12 of a program loan. Such procedures must be fiscally 13 responsible and designed to maximize returns to the state. 14 (43) To promote single family homeownership in this 15 state and develop and implement a marketing plan in 16 consultation with local governments and state and federal 17 agencies that includes strategies such as advertising, 18 homebuyer fairs, and homebuyer education. 19 (44) To establish by rule requirements for periodic 20 reporting of data, including, but not limited to, financial 21 data, housing market data, detailed economic and physical 22 occupancy on multifamily projects, and demographic data on all 23 housing financed through corporation programs. 24 Section 10. Subsection (8) is added to section 25 420.508, Florida Statutes, to read: 26 420.508 Special powers; multifamily and single-family 27 projects.--The corporation shall have the special power to: 28 (8) Provide by rule for master lease agreements for 29 farmworker housing developments when and where appropriate to 30 ensure continuity and stability of housing for farmworker 31 populations. 5 6:19 PM 04/26/04 s0330c2c-21k0e
SENATE AMENDMENT Bill No. CS for CS for SB 330 Amendment No. ___ Barcode 393122 1 Section 11. Subsection (3) and paragraph (m) of 2 subsection (6) of section 420.5087, Florida Statutes, are 3 amended to read: 4 420.5087 State Apartment Incentive Loan 5 Program.--There is hereby created the State Apartment 6 Incentive Loan Program for the purpose of providing first, 7 second, or other subordinated mortgage loans or loan 8 guarantees to sponsors, including for-profit, nonprofit, and 9 public entities, to provide housing affordable to 10 very-low-income persons. 11 (3) During the first 6 months of loan or loan 12 guarantee availability, program funds shall be reserved for 13 use by sponsors who provide the housing set-aside required in 14 subsection (2) for the tenant groups designated in this 15 subsection. The reservation of funds to each of these groups 16 shall be determined using the most recent statewide 17 very-low-income rental housing market study available at the 18 time of publication of each notice of fund availability 19 required by paragraph (6)(b). The reservation of funds within 20 each notice of fund availability to the tenant groups in 21 paragraphs (a), (b), and (d) may not be less than 10 percent 22 of the funds available at that time. Any increase in funding 23 required to reach the 10-percent minimum shall be taken from 24 the tenant group that has the largest reservation. The 25 reservation of funds within each notice of fund availability 26 to the tenant group in paragraph (c) may not be less than 5 27 percent of the funds available at that time. The tenant groups 28 are: 29 (a) Commercial fishing workers and farmworkers; 30 (b) Families; 31 (c) Persons who are homeless; and 6 6:19 PM 04/26/04 s0330c2c-21k0e
SENATE AMENDMENT Bill No. CS for CS for SB 330 Amendment No. ___ Barcode 393122 1 (d) Elderly persons. Ten percent of the amount 2 reserved for the elderly shall be reserved to provide loans to 3 sponsors of housing for the elderly for the purpose of making 4 building preservation, health, or sanitation repairs or 5 improvements which are required by federal, state, or local 6 regulation or code, or lifesafety or security-related repairs 7 or improvements to such housing. Such a loan may not exceed 8 $500,000 $200,000 per housing community for the elderly. In 9 order to receive the loan, the sponsor of the housing 10 community must make a commitment to match at least 15 percent 11 of the loan amount to pay the cost of such repair or 12 improvement. The corporation shall establish the rate of 13 interest on the loan, which may not exceed 3 percent, and the 14 term of the loan, which may not exceed 15 years. The term of 15 the loan shall be established on the basis of a credit 16 analysis of the applicant. The corporation shall establish, by 17 rule, the procedure and criteria for receiving, evaluating, 18 and competitively ranking all applications for loans under 19 this paragraph. A loan application must include evidence of 20 the first mortgagee's having reviewed and approved the 21 sponsor's intent to apply for a loan. A nonprofit organization 22 or sponsor may not use the proceeds of the loan to pay for 23 administrative costs, routine maintenance, or new 24 construction. 25 (6) On all state apartment incentive loans, except 26 loans made to housing communities for the elderly to provide 27 for lifesafety, building preservation, health, sanitation, or 28 security-related repairs or improvements, the following 29 provisions shall apply: 30 (m) Sponsors shall annually certify, according to 31 requirements provided by the corporation by rule, the adjusted 7 6:19 PM 04/26/04 s0330c2c-21k0e
SENATE AMENDMENT Bill No. CS for CS for SB 330 Amendment No. ___ Barcode 393122 1 gross income of all persons or families qualified under 2 subsection (2) at the time of initial occupancy, who are 3 residing in a project funded by this program. All persons or 4 families qualified under subsection (2) may continue to 5 qualify under subsection (2) in a project funded by this 6 program if the adjusted gross income of those persons or 7 families at the time of annual recertification meets the 8 requirements established in s. 142(d)(3)(B) of the Internal 9 Revenue Code of 1986, as amended. If the annual 10 recertification of persons or families qualifying under 11 subsection (2) results in noncompliance with income occupancy 12 requirements, the next available unit must be rented to a 13 person or family qualifying under subsection (2) in order to 14 ensure continuing compliance of the project. 15 Section 12. Subsection (3) of section 420.511, Florida 16 Statutes, is amended to read: 17 420.511 Business plan; strategic plan; annual 18 report.-- 19 (3) The corporation shall submit to the Governor and 20 the presiding officers of each house of the Legislature, 21 within 2 months after the end of its fiscal year, a complete 22 and detailed report setting forth: 23 (a) Its operations and accomplishments.; 24 (b) Changes made to the rules of the corporation 25 pursuant to s. 120.54. 26 (c)(b) Its receipts and expenditures during its fiscal 27 year in accordance with the categories or classifications 28 established by the corporation for its operating and capital 29 outlay purposes.; 30 (d)(c) Its assets and liabilities at the end of its 31 fiscal year and the status of reserve, special, or other 8 6:19 PM 04/26/04 s0330c2c-21k0e
SENATE AMENDMENT Bill No. CS for CS for SB 330 Amendment No. ___ Barcode 393122 1 funds.; 2 (e)(d) A schedule of its bonds outstanding at the end 3 of its fiscal year, together with a statement of the principal 4 amounts of bonds issued and redeemed during the fiscal year.; 5 and 6 (f)(e) Information relating to the corporation's 7 activities in implementing the provisions of ss. 420.5087 and 8 420.5088. The report required by this subsection shall 9 include, but not be limited to: 10 1. The number of people served, delineated by income, 11 age, family size, and racial characteristics. 12 2. The number of units produced under each program. 13 3. The average cost of producing units under each 14 program. 15 4. The average sales price of single-family units 16 financed under s. 420.5088. 17 5. The average amount of rent charged based on unit 18 size on units financed under s. 420.5087. 19 6. The number of persons in rural communities served 20 under each program. 21 7. The number of farmworkers served under each 22 program. 23 8. The number of homeless persons served under each 24 program. 25 9. The number of elderly persons served under each 26 program. 27 10. The extent to which geographic distribution has 28 been achieved in accordance with the provisions of s. 29 420.5087. 30 11. Any other information the corporation deems 31 appropriate. 9 6:19 PM 04/26/04 s0330c2c-21k0e
SENATE AMENDMENT Bill No. CS for CS for SB 330 Amendment No. ___ Barcode 393122 1 (g) Information relating to the corporation's Florida 2 Affordable Housing Guarantee Program as created by s. 3 420.5092. The report required by this subsection shall 4 include, but not be limited to: 5 1. A status at the end of the most recently completed 6 fiscal year of the total amount of revenue bonds issued by the 7 corporation under s. 420.5092, the principal and interest due 8 on such bonds for the reporting period, the total amount of 9 such bonds redeemed during the reporting period, and the 10 interest earned by the investment of the funds from such 11 revenue bonds during the reporting period. 12 2. A list of all stabilized properties at the end of 13 the most recently completed fiscal year guaranteed by the 14 Florida Affordable Housing Guarantee Program, which includes 15 the city and county, the total number of units constructed, 16 the quarterly occupancy rates expressed as percentages for the 17 fiscal year, the total principal and interest due for the 18 fiscal year, the principal and interest paid for the fiscal 19 year, and the Florida Affordable Housing Guarantee Program's 20 total outstanding obligation at the end of the fiscal year. 21 Section 13. Paragraph (a) of subsection (1) of section 22 420.9072, Florida Statutes, is amended to read: 23 420.9072 State Housing Initiatives Partnership 24 Program.--The State Housing Initiatives Partnership Program is 25 created for the purpose of providing funds to counties and 26 eligible municipalities as an incentive for the creation of 27 local housing partnerships, to expand production of and 28 preserve affordable housing, to further the housing element of 29 the local government comprehensive plan specific to affordable 30 housing, and to increase housing-related employment. 31 (1)(a) In addition to the legislative findings set 10 6:19 PM 04/26/04 s0330c2c-21k0e
SENATE AMENDMENT Bill No. CS for CS for SB 330 Amendment No. ___ Barcode 393122 1 forth in s. 420.6015, the Legislature finds that affordable 2 housing is most effectively provided by combining available 3 public and private resources to conserve and improve existing 4 housing and provide new housing for very-low-income 5 households, low-income households, and moderate-income 6 households. The Legislature intends to encourage partnerships 7 in order to secure the benefits of cooperation by the public 8 and private sectors and to reduce the cost of housing for the 9 target group by effectively combining all available resources 10 and cost-saving measures. The Legislature further intends that 11 local governments achieve this combination of resources by 12 encouraging active partnerships between government, lenders, 13 builders and developers, real estate professionals, advocates 14 for low-income persons, and community groups to produce 15 affordable housing and provide related services. Extending the 16 partnership concept to encompass cooperative efforts among 17 small counties as defined in s. 120.52(17), and among counties 18 and municipalities is specifically encouraged. Local 19 governments are also intended to establish and retain an 20 affordable housing advisory committee to recommend monetary 21 and nonmonetary incentives for affordable housing as provided 22 in s. 420.9076. 23 Section 14. Subsection (2) of section 420.9076, 24 Florida Statutes, is amended, present subsections (3) through 25 (7) of that section are renumbered as subsections (4) through 26 (8), respectively, a new subsection (3) and subsection (9) are 27 added to that section, and paragraphs (k) and (l) are added to 28 present subsection (4) of that section, to read: 29 420.9076 Adoption of affordable housing incentive 30 strategies; committees.-- 31 (2) The governing board of a county or municipality 11 6:19 PM 04/26/04 s0330c2c-21k0e
SENATE AMENDMENT Bill No. CS for CS for SB 330 Amendment No. ___ Barcode 393122 1 shall appoint the members of the affordable housing advisory 2 committee by resolution. Pursuant to the terms of any 3 interlocal agreement, a county and municipality may create and 4 jointly appoint an advisory committee to prepare a joint plan. 5 The ordinance adopted pursuant to s. 420.9072 which creates 6 the advisory committee or the resolution appointing the 7 advisory committee members must provide for a minimum of nine 8 committee members and their terms. The committee must include: 9 (a) One citizen who is actively engaged in the 10 residential home building industry in connection with 11 affordable housing. 12 (b) One citizen who is actively engaged in the banking 13 or mortgage banking industry in connection with affordable 14 housing. 15 (c) One citizen who is a representative of those areas 16 of labor actively engaged in home building in connection with 17 affordable housing. 18 (d) One citizen who is actively engaged as an advocate 19 for low-income persons in connection with affordable housing. 20 (e) One citizen who is actively engaged as a 21 for-profit provider of affordable housing. 22 (f) One citizen who is actively engaged as a 23 not-for-profit provider of affordable housing. 24 (g) One citizen who is actively engaged as a real 25 estate professional in connection with affordable housing. 26 (h) One citizen who actively serves on the local 27 planning agency pursuant to s. 163.3174. 28 (i) One citizen who resides within the jurisdiction of 29 the local governing body making the appointments. 30 31 Any additional committee members must be citizens within the 12 6:19 PM 04/26/04 s0330c2c-21k0e
SENATE AMENDMENT Bill No. CS for CS for SB 330 Amendment No. ___ Barcode 393122 1 jurisdiction of the local governing body making the 2 appointments. If a county or eligible municipality whether due 3 to its small size, the presence of a conflict of interest by 4 prospective appointees, or other reasonable factor, is unable 5 to appoint a citizen actively engaged in these activities in 6 connection with affordable housing, a citizen engaged in the 7 activity without regard to affordable housing may be 8 appointed. 9 (3) Each county or eligible municipality participating 10 in the State Housing Initiatives Partnership Program must 11 maintain an operational affordable housing advisory committee. 12 (5)(4) The advisory committee shall review the 13 established policies and procedures, ordinances, land 14 development regulations, and adopted local government 15 comprehensive plan of the appointing local government and 16 shall recommend specific initiatives to encourage or 17 facilitate affordable housing while protecting the ability of 18 the property to appreciate in value. Such recommendations may 19 include the modification or repeal of existing policies, 20 procedures, ordinances, regulations, or plan provisions; the 21 creation of exceptions applicable to affordable housing; or 22 the adoption of new policies, procedures, regulations, 23 ordinances, or plan provisions. At a minimum, each advisory 24 committee shall make recommendations on affordable housing 25 incentives in the following areas: 26 (k) The review of the housing element of the local 27 government comprehensive plan pursuant to chapter 163 and the 28 Local Housing Assistance Plan. 29 (l) Actions as liaison between local governing 30 councils and commissions and the general public. 31 13 6:19 PM 04/26/04 s0330c2c-21k0e
SENATE AMENDMENT Bill No. CS for CS for SB 330 Amendment No. ___ Barcode 393122 1 The advisory committee recommendations must also include other 2 affordable housing incentives identified by the advisory 3 committee. 4 (9) The advisory committee shall have a continuing 5 function as an oversight committee for the implementation of 6 the local housing assistance plan and incentive strategies. 7 The advisory committee shall meet no less than annually to 8 review the local housing assistance plan and incentive 9 strategies to provide recommendations to the appointing local 10 government in regard to its housing strategies and incentives. 11 Section 15. Subsection (2) of section 421.02, Florida 12 Statutes, is amended to read: 13 421.02 Finding and declaration of necessity.--It is 14 hereby declared that: 15 (2) Blighted Slum areas in the state cannot be 16 revitalized cleared, nor can the shortage of safe and sanitary 17 dwellings for persons of low income be relieved, through the 18 operation of private enterprise , and that the construction of 19 housing projects for persons of low income, as herein defined, 20 would therefore not be competitive with private enterprise. 21 Section 16. Subsection (8) of section 421.08, Florida 22 Statutes, is renumbered as subsection (10), and new 23 subsections (8) and (9) are added to that section, to read: 24 421.08 Powers of authority.--An authority shall 25 constitute a public body corporate and politic, exercising the 26 public and essential governmental functions set forth in this 27 chapter, and having all the powers necessary or convenient to 28 carry out and effectuate the purpose and provisions of this 29 chapter, including the following powers in addition to others 30 herein granted: 31 (8) To create for-profit and non-for-profit 14 6:19 PM 04/26/04 s0330c2c-21k0e
SENATE AMENDMENT Bill No. CS for CS for SB 330 Amendment No. ___ Barcode 393122 1 corporations, limited liability companies, and such other 2 business entities pursuant to the laws of this state in which 3 housing authorities may hold an ownership interest or 4 participate in their governance to engage in the development, 5 acquisition, leasing, construction, rehabilitation, 6 management, or operation of multifamily and single-family 7 residential projects. These projects may include 8 nonresidential uses and may use public and private funds to 9 serve individuals or families who meet the applicable income 10 requirements of the state or federal program involved, whose 11 income does not exceed 150 percent of the applicable Area 12 Median Income as established by the United States Department 13 of Housing and Urban Development, and who, in the 14 determination of the housing authority, lack sufficient income 15 or assets to enable them to purchase or rent decent, safe, and 16 sanitary dwelling. These corporations, limited liability 17 companies, or other business entities are authorized and 18 empowered to join partnerships, joint ventures, or limited 19 liability companies or to otherwise engage with business 20 entities in the development, acquisition, leasing, 21 construction, rehabilitation, management, or operation of such 22 projects. The creation of such corporations, limited liability 23 companies, or other business entities by housing authorities 24 for the purposes set forth in this chapter together with all 25 proceedings, acts, and things theretofore undertaken, 26 performed, or done are hereby validated, ratified, confirmed, 27 approved, and declared legal in all respects. 28 (9) Notwithstanding the provisions for per diem and 29 travel expenses of public officers, employees, and authorized 30 persons set forth in s. 112.061, the governing board of an 31 authority may approve and implement policies for per diem, 15 6:19 PM 04/26/04 s0330c2c-21k0e
SENATE AMENDMENT Bill No. CS for CS for SB 330 Amendment No. ___ Barcode 393122 1 travel, and other expenses of its officials, officers, board 2 members, employees, and authorized persons in a manner 3 consistent with federal guidelines. 4 Section 17. Section 421.09, Florida Statutes, is 5 amended to read: 6 421.09 Operation not for profit.--It is the policy of 7 this state that each housing authority shall manage and 8 operate its housing projects in an efficient manner so as to 9 enable it to fix the rentals for dwelling accommodations at 10 the lowest possible rates consistent with its providing 11 decent, safe and sanitary dwelling accommodations, and that no 12 housing authority shall construct or operate any such project 13 for profit, or as a source of revenue to the city. To this end 14 an authority shall fix the rentals for dwellings in its 15 project at no higher rate than it shall find to be necessary 16 in order to produce revenues which, together with all other 17 available moneys, revenue, income and receipts of the 18 authority from whatever sources derived, will be sufficient: 19 (1) To pay, as the same shall become due, the 20 principal and interest on the debentures of the authority; 21 (2) To meet the cost of, and to provide for, 22 maintaining and operating the projects, including the cost of 23 any insurance, and the administrative expenses of the 24 authority; and 25 (3) To create, during not less than the 6 years 26 immediately succeeding its issuance of any debentures, a 27 reserve sufficient to meet the largest principal and interest 28 payments which will be due on such debentures in any one year 29 thereafter, and to maintain such reserve. 30 31 This section shall in no way prohibit or restrict the 16 6:19 PM 04/26/04 s0330c2c-21k0e
SENATE AMENDMENT Bill No. CS for CS for SB 330 Amendment No. ___ Barcode 393122 1 activities or operations of the business entities created 2 pursuant to s. 421.08(8). 3 Section 18. Section 421.23, Florida Statutes, is 4 amended to read: 5 421.23 Liabilities of authority.--In no event shall 6 the liabilities, whether ex contractu or ex delicto, of an 7 authority arising from the operation of its housing projects, 8 be payable from any funds other than the rents, fees, or 9 revenues of such projects and any grants or subsidies paid to 10 such authority by the Federal Government, unless such other 11 funds are lawfully pledged by the authority's governing board. 12 Section 19. Section 421.54, Florida Statutes, is 13 repealed. 14 15 16 ================ T I T L E A M E N D M E N T =============== 17 And the title is amended as follows: 18 On page 1, line 29, after the semicolon, 19 20 insert: 21 providing a popular name; creating s. 193.017, 22 F.S.; providing for a low-income housing tax 23 credit for certain property used for affordable 24 housing; providing criteria, restrictions, and 25 limitations; amending s. 253.034, F.S.; 26 including affordable housing under provisions 27 governing permittable uses of certain surplus 28 state-owned lands; amending s. 420.0003, F.S.; 29 providing additional criteria for the 30 affordable housing delivery system under the 31 state housing strategy; amending s. 420.507, 17 6:19 PM 04/26/04 s0330c2c-21k0e
SENATE AMENDMENT Bill No. CS for CS for SB 330 Amendment No. ___ Barcode 393122 1 F.S.; revising powers of the Florida Housing 2 Finance Corporation to provide additional 3 criteria and requirements for certain housing 4 projects; providing additional powers to 5 promote single family homeownership and 6 establish requirements for reporting certain 7 information relating to programs of the 8 corporation; amending s. 420.508, F.S.; 9 providing the corporation with special powers 10 to provide for master lease agreements for 11 farmworker housing developments for certain 12 purposes; amending s. 420.5087, F.S.; 13 increasing a cap for loans per housing 14 community for the elderly; revising a criterion 15 for state apartment incentive loans; amending 16 s. 420.511, F.S.; providing additional 17 requirements for an annual report by the 18 corporation; amending s. 420.9072, F.S.; 19 providing additional legislative intent 20 relating to local government affordable housing 21 advisory committees; amending s. 420.9076, 22 F.S.; providing for a minimum number of 23 affordable housing advisory committee members; 24 providing a criterion for additional members; 25 requiring counties and municipalities 26 participating in the State Housing Initiative 27 Partnership Program to maintain an operational 28 advisory committee; providing additional 29 recommendation requirements for such advisory 30 committees; providing additional duties of the 31 advisory committees; amending s. 421.02, F.S.; 18 6:19 PM 04/26/04 s0330c2c-21k0e
SENATE AMENDMENT Bill No. CS for CS for SB 330 Amendment No. ___ Barcode 393122 1 revising a legislative declaration relating to 2 blighted areas; amending s. 421.08, F.S.; 3 authorizing certain housing authorities to 4 create business entities for certain purposes; 5 providing requirements and limitations; 6 authorizing such authorities to provide for per 7 diem, travel, and other expenses; amending s. 8 421.09, F.S.; providing construction; amending 9 s. 421.23, F.S.; revising a limitation on 10 financial liabilities of such authorities; 11 repealing s. 421.54, F.S., relating to housing 12 authorities in Orange County and Seminole 13 County; 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 19 6:19 PM 04/26/04 s0330c2c-21k0e
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