August 11, 2020
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Bill No. 2884
Amendment No. 895579
Senate House

1Representative Attkisson offered the following:
3     Amendment (with directory and title amendments)
4     On page 22, between lines 25 and 26, insert:  
5     Section 14.  Subsection (5) of section 1009.89, Florida
6Statutes, is amended to read:
7     1009.89  The William L. Boyd, IV, Florida resident access
9     (5)(a)  Funding for the William L. Boyd, IV, Florida
10Resident Access Grant Program shall be based on a formula
11composed of planned enrollment and the state cost of funding
12undergraduate enrollment at public institutions pursuant to s.
131011.90. The amount of the William L. Boyd, IV, Florida resident
14access grant issued to a full-time student shall be an amount as
15specified in the General Appropriations Act. The William L.
16Boyd, IV, Florida resident access grant may be paid on a
17prorated basis in advance of the registration period. After the
18registration period, the second-term payment may be prorated to
19allow for a greater award amount in the second term so that the
20entire amount as specified in the General Appropriations Act is
21expended. The department shall make such payments to the college
22or university in which the student is enrolled for credit to the
23student's account for payment of tuition and fees. Institutions
24shall certify to the department the amount of funds disbursed to
25each student and shall remit to the department any undisbursed
26advances or refunds within 60 days of the end of regular
27registration. Students shall not be eligible to receive the
28award for more than 9 semesters or 14 quarters, except as
29otherwise provided in s. 1009.40(3).
30     (b)  If the combined amount of the William L. Boyd, IV,
31Florida resident access grant issued pursuant to this act and
32all other scholarships and grants for tuition or fees exceeds
33the amount charged to the student for tuition and fees, the
34department shall reduce the William L. Boyd, IV, Florida
35resident access grant issued pursuant to this act by an amount
36equal to such excess.
37     Section 15.  (1)  To meet the critical workforce needs of
38Florida and to maximize the number of diplomas, certificates,
39and degrees that are awarded to postsecondary education students
40in fields vital to the citizens of the state, beginning with the
412005-2006 fiscal year, all future enrollment growth funds for
42state universities, community colleges, and postsecondary
43workforce education programs shall be appropriated by the
44Legislature to the Department of Education or to an appropriate
45trust fund administered by the department to be distributed
46according to the provisions of this section.
47     (2)  The department shall develop and issue a request for
48proposals. In response to the request for proposals:
49     (a)  A proposal may be made by an accredited public or
50nonpublic postsecondary educational institution in the state
51that provides postsecondary instruction in a field specified in
52the priority list established pursuant to subsection (3).
53     (b)  A proposal must indicate the number of postsecondary
54diplomas, certificates, or degrees that the institution will
55award using funds received pursuant to this section and the
56fields in which the diplomas, certificates, and degrees will be
58     (c)  A proposal must indicate how the funds received will
59leverage other grants and scholarships and how the funds will be
60used to offset student tuition costs.
61     (3)  The chair of Workforce Florida, Inc., shall annually
62by March 1 advise the Legislature of the state's most pressing
63workforce needs for postsecondary instruction and the geographic
64locations of these needs. The Legislature shall annually
65establish a priority list for funds provided pursuant to this
66section in the General Appropriations Act.
67     (4)  The rankings and decisions of the request for proposal
68process shall be made by a committee based on the priority list
69established pursuant to subsection (3). The committee shall be
70composed of nine members appointed by the Governor subject to
71confirmation by the Senate. The members shall serve staggered 4-
72year terms. In order to achieve staggered terms, of the initial
73appointments, three members shall serve 2-year terms, three
74members shall serve 3-year terms, and three members shall serve
754-year terms.
78================= T I T L E  A M E N D M E N T =================
79     On page 2, between line(s) 19 and 20, insert:
80amending s. 1009.89, F.S.; authorizing second-term payments of
81the William L. Boyd, IV, Florida resident access grant to be
82prorated in certain circumstances; requiring future enrollment
83growth funds to be appropriated to the Department of Education
84or to a trust fund to be distributed to public or nonpublic
85postsecondary educational institutions providing instruction at
86the postsecondary level in fields vital to the citizens of the
87state; providing for a request for proposal and requirements of
88such proposal; requiring establishment annually of a priority
89list; providing for creation of a committee and specifying terms
90and duties thereof;

CODING: Words stricken are deletions; words underlined are additions.
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