May 25, 2020
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Bill No. 0989
Amendment No. 924653
Senate House

1Representatives Bowen, Mayfield, and Seiler offered the
4     Amendment to Senate Amendment (634986) (with title
6     On page 1, between lines 16 and 17, insert:
7     Section 1.  Section 327.803, Florida Statutes, is amended
8to read:
9     327.803  Boating Advisory Council.--
10     (1)  The Boating Advisory Council is created within the
11Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and shall be composed
12of 18 17 members. The members include:
13     (a)  One representative from the Fish and Wildlife
14Conservation Commission, who shall serve as the chair of the
16     (b)  One representative each from the Department of
17Environmental Protection, the United States Coast Guard
18Auxiliary, the United States Power Squadron, and the inland
19navigation districts.
20     (c)  One representative of manatee protection interests,
21one representative of the marine industries, one representative
22two representatives of water-related environmental groups, one
23representative of canoe or kayak enthusiasts, one representative
24of marine manufacturers, one representative of commercial vessel
25owners or operators, one representative of marine special events
26sport boat racing, one representative actively involved and
27working full-time in the scuba diving industry who has
28experience in recreational boating, one representative of either
29the commercial fishing industry or the commercial shellfishing
30industry, and two representatives of the boating public, each of
31whom shall be nominated by the executive director of the Fish
32and Wildlife Conservation Commission and appointed by the
33Governor to serve staggered 3-year 2-year terms. Members
34appointed by the Governor may serve no more than two full
35consecutive terms.
36     (d)  One member of the House of Representatives, who shall
37be appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives.
38     (e)  One member of the Senate, who shall be appointed by
39the President of the Senate.
40     (2)  The council shall meet at the call of the chair, at
41the request of a majority of its membership, or at such times as
42may be prescribed by rule.
43     (3)  The purpose of the council is to make recommendations
44to the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the
45Department of Community Affairs regarding issues affecting the
46boating community, including, but not limited to, issues related
48     (a)  Boating and diving safety education.
49     (b)  Boating-related facilities, including marinas and boat
50testing facilities.
51     (c)  Boat usage.
52     (d)  Boat access.
53     (e)  Working waterfronts.
54     (4)  Members of the council shall serve without
55compensation but are entitled to reimbursement of expenses as
56provided in s. 112.061.
57     (5)  A vacancy on the council shall be filled for the
58remainder of the unexpired term in the same manner as the
59original appointment. Members whose terms have expired may
60continue to serve until replaced or reappointed.
61     (6)  Members of the council may be removed for cause.
62     Section 2.  Paragraphs (d) and (e) of subsection (2) of
63section 370.06, Florida Statutes, are amended to read:
64     370.06  Licenses.--
66     (d)  A saltwater products license may be issued in the name
67of an individual or a valid commercial vessel boat registration
68number. However, a firm or corporation may only receive a
69license issued to a valid commercial vessel registration number.
70A saltwater products license may not be transferred by the
71licenseholder to another individual, firm, or corporation. Such
72license is not transferable. A decal shall be issued with each
73saltwater products license issued to a valid commercial vessel
74boat registration number. The saltwater products license decal
75shall be the same color as the vessel registration decal issued
76each year pursuant to s. 328.48(5) and shall indicate the period
77of time such license is valid. The saltwater products license
78decal shall be placed beside the vessel registration decal and,
79in the case of an undocumented vessel, shall be placed so that
80the vessel registration decal lies between the commercial vessel
81registration number and the saltwater products license decal.
82Any saltwater products license decal for a previous year shall
83be removed from a vessel operating on the waters of the state.
84     (e)  The annual fee for a saltwater products license is:
85     1.  For a license issued in the name of an individual which
86authorizes only that individual to engage in commercial fishing
87activities from the shore or a vessel: a resident must pay $50;
88a nonresident must pay $200; or an alien must pay $300.
89     2.  For a license issued in the name of an individual which
90authorizes that named individual to engage in commercial fishing
91activities from the shore or a vessel and also authorizes each
92person who is fishing with the named individual aboard a vessel
93to engage in such activities: a resident must pay $150; a
94nonresident must pay $600; or an alien must pay $900.
95     3.  For a license issued to a valid commercial vessel
96registration number which authorizes each person aboard such
97registered vessel to engage in commercial fishing activities: a
98resident, or a resident firm or corporation, must pay $100; a
99nonresident, or a nonresident firm or corporation, must pay
100$400; or an alien, or an alien firm or corporation, must pay
101$600. For purposes of this subparagraph, a resident firm or
102corporation means a firm or corporation formed under the laws of
103this state; a nonresident firm or corporation means a firm or
104corporation formed under the laws of any state other than
105Florida; and an alien firm or corporation means a firm or
106corporation organized under any laws other than laws of the
107United States, any United States territory or possession, or any
108state of the United States. A resident shall pay an annual
109license fee of $50 for a saltwater products license issued in
110the name of an individual or $100 for a saltwater products
111license issued to a valid boat registration number. A
112nonresident shall pay an annual license fee of $200 for a
113saltwater products license issued in the name of an individual
114or $400 for a saltwater products license issued to a valid boat
115registration number. An alien shall pay an annual license fee of
116$300 for a saltwater products license issued in the name of an
117individual or $600 for a saltwater products license issued to a
118valid boat registration number.
119     Section 3.  Paragraph (b) of subsection (1) of section
120370.13, Florida Statutes, is amended to read:
121     370.13  Stone crab; regulation.--
123     (b)  Certificate fees.--
124     1.  For each trap certificate issued by the commission
125under the requirements of the stone crab trap limitation program
126established by commission rule, there is an annual fee of $.50
127per certificate. Replacement tags for lost or damaged tags cost
128$.50 each, except that tags lost in the event of a major natural
129disaster declared as an emergency disaster by the Governor shall
130be replaced for the cost of the tag as incurred by the
132     2.  The fee for transferring trap certificates is $1 per
133certificate transferred, except that the fee for eligible crew
134members is 50 cents per certificate transferred. Except for
135transfers to Eligible crew members shall be as determined
136according to criteria established by rule of the commission, the
137fee for transferring certificates is $2 per certificate
138transferred to be paid by the purchaser of the certificate or
139certificates. The transfer fee for eligible crew members is $1
140per certificate. Payment must be made by money order or
141cashier's check, submitted with the certificate transfer form
142developed by the commission.
143     3.  In addition to the transfer fee, a surcharge of $1 $2
144per certificate transferred, or 25 percent of the actual value
145of the transferred certificate, whichever is greater, will be
146assessed the first time a certificate is transferred outside the
147original holder's immediate family.
148     4.  Transfer fees and surcharges only apply to the actual
149number of certificates received by the purchaser. A transfer of
150a certificate is not effective until the commission receives a
151notarized copy of the bill of sale as proof of the actual value
152of the transferred certificate or certificates, which must also
153be submitted with the transfer form and payment.
154     5.  A transfer fee will not be assessed or required when
155the transfer is within a family as a result of the death or
156disability of the certificate owner. A surcharge will not be
157assessed for any transfer within an individual's immediate
159     6.  The fees and surcharge amounts in this paragraph apply
160in the 2005-2006 license year and subsequent years.
161     Section 4.  Section 372.674, Florida Statutes, is repealed.
162     Section 5.  Paragraph (d) of subsection (2) of section
163372.672, Florida Statutes, is amended to read:
164     372.672  Florida Panther Research and Management Trust
166     (2)  Money from the fund shall be spent only for the
167following purposes:
168     (d)  To fund and administer education programs authorized
169in s. 372.674.
171================= T I T L E  A M E N D M E N T =================
172     On page 2, lines 24 and 25, remove said lines and insert:
173An act relating to regulating natural resources; amending
174s. 327.803, F.S.; revising the membership of the Boating
175Advisory Council; increasing the terms of office of
176members appointed by the Governor and limiting the number
177of consecutive terms they may serve; adding issues upon
178which the council makes recommendations to the commission
179and the Department of Community Affairs; authorizing
180reimbursement of expenses for members of the council;
181providing for the filling of vacancies; providing for
182members of the council to be removed for cause; amending
183s. 370.06, F.S.; providing for receipt of a saltwater
184products license issued by the commission to a firm or
185corporation; revising a provision barring transfer of a
186saltwater products license; revising a provision regarding
187the annual fee that an individual, firm, or corporation
188must pay for a license; providing for an increase in
189annual saltwater products license fees; providing
190definitions; amending s. 370.13, F.S.; reducing stone crab
191trap certificate transfer fees; reducing surcharge fees;
192repealing s. 372.674, F.S., relating to environmental
193education and the Advisory Council on Environmental
194Education; amending s. 372.672, F.S., relating to the
195Florida Panther Research and Management Trust Fund, to
196conform; amending s. 373.118, F.S.;

CODING: Words stricken are deletions; words underlined are additions.
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