Bill No. 1865
Amendment No. 115487
Senate House

1Representative(s) Bucher offered the following:
3     Amendment
4     Remove lines 410 through 441 and insert:
6     (b)  The capital improvements element shall be reviewed on
7an annual basis and modified as necessary in accordance with s.
8163.3187 or s. 163.3189 in order to maintain a financially
9feasible 5-year schedule of capital improvements., except that
10Corrections, updates, and modifications concerning costs,;
11revenue sources, or; acceptance of facilities pursuant to
12dedications which are consistent with the plan; or the date of
13construction of any facility enumerated in the capital
14improvements schedule element may be accomplished by ordinance
15and shall not be deemed to be amendments to the local
16comprehensive plan. A copy of the ordinance shall be transmitted
17to the state land planning agency. All public facilities shall
18be consistent with the capital improvements element. Amendments
19to implement this section must be adopted and transmitted no
20later than December 1, 2007. Thereafter, a local government may
21not amend its future land use map, except for plan amendments to
22meet new requirements under this part and emergency amendments
23pursuant to s. 163.3187(1)(a), after December 1, 2007, and every
24year thereafter until the local government has adopted the
25annual update and the annual update has been transmitted to the
26state land planning agency.

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