December 05, 2020
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Amendment CaShTmL-480856.HTM
    Florida Senate - 2005                      COMMITTEE AMENDMENT
    Bill No. SB 1010
                        Barcode 480856
                            CHAMBER ACTION
              Senate                               House
 1                                 .                    
 2                                 .                    
 3                                 .                    
 4  ______________________________________________________________
10  ______________________________________________________________
11  The Committee on Governmental Oversight and Productivity
12  (Margolis) recommended the following amendment:
14         Senate Amendment 
15         On page 10, line 9, through page 12, line 26, delete
16  those lines
18  and insert:  
20  The department shall publish a printed version of the Florida
21  Administrative Code and make copies available on an annual
22  subscription basis. The department may contract with a
23  publishing firm for printed publication of the Florida
24  Administrative Weekly.
25         (c)  Review notices for compliance with format and
26  numbering requirements before publishing them on the Florida
27  Administrative Weekly Internet website.
28         (d)(c)  Prescribe by rule the style and form required
29  for rules submitted for filing and establish the form for
30  their certification.
31         (e)(d)  Correct grammatical, typographical, and like
    9:38 AM   03/14/05                             s1010b-go35-c8y

Florida Senate - 2005 COMMITTEE AMENDMENT Bill No. SB 1010 Barcode 480856 1 errors not affecting the construction or meaning of the rules, 2 after having obtained the advice and consent of the 3 appropriate agency, and insert history notes. 4 (e) Make copies of the Florida Administrative Weekly 5 available on an annual subscription basis computed to cover a 6 pro rata share of 50 percent of the costs related to the 7 publication of the Florida Administrative Weekly. 8 (f) Charge each agency using the Florida 9 Administrative Weekly a space rate computed to cover a pro 10 rata share of 50 percent of the costs related to the Florida 11 Administrative Weekly and the Florida Administrative Code. 12 (g) Maintain a permanent record of all notices 13 published in the Florida Administrative Weekly. 14 (2) The Florida Administrative Weekly Internet website 15 must allow users to: 16 (a) Search for notices by type, publication date, rule 17 number, word, subject, and agency; 18 (b) Search a database that makes available all notices 19 published on the website for a period of at least 5 years; 20 (c) Subscribe to an automated e-mail notification of 21 selected notices; and 22 (d) View agency forms incorporated by reference in 23 proposed rules. 24 (3) Publication of material required by paragraph 25 (1)(b) on the Florida Administrative Weekly Internet website 26 does not preclude publication of such material on an agency's 27 website or by other means. 28 (4)(2) Each agency shall provide copies of its rules 29 upon request, with citations to the grant of rulemaking 30 authority and the specific law implemented for each rule print 31 or distribute copies of its rules, citing the specific 2 9:38 AM 03/14/05 s1010b-go35-c8y
Florida Senate - 2005 COMMITTEE AMENDMENT Bill No. SB 1010 Barcode 480856 1 rulemaking authority pursuant to which each rule was adopted. 2 (5)(3) Any publication of a proposed rule promulgated 3 by an agency, whether published in the Florida Administrative 4 Code or elsewhere, shall include, along with the rule, the 5 name of the person or persons originating such rule, the name 6 of the supervisor or person who approved the rule, and the 7 date upon which the rule was approved. 8 (6) Access to the Florida Administrative Weekly 9 Internet website and its contents, including the e-mail 10 notification service, shall be free for the public. 11 (7)(a)(4)(a) Each year the Department of State shall 12 furnish the Florida Administrative Weekly, without charge and 13 upon request, as follows: 14 1. One subscription to each federal and state court 15 having jurisdiction over the residents of the state; the 16 Legislative Library; each state university library; the State 17 Library; each depository library designated pursuant to s. 18 257.05; and each standing committee of the Senate and House of 19 Representatives and each state legislator. 20 2. Two subscriptions to each state department. 21 3. Three subscriptions to the library of the Supreme 22 Court of Florida, the library of each state district court of 23 appeal, the division, the library of the Attorney General, 24 each law school library in Florida, the Secretary of the 25 Senate, and the Clerk of the House of Representatives. 26 4. Ten subscriptions to the committee. 27 (b) The Department of State shall furnish one copy of 28 the Florida Administrative Weekly, at no cost, to each clerk 29 of the circuit court and each state department, for posting 30 for public inspection. 31 3 9:38 AM 03/14/05 s1010b-go35-c8y
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