GENERAL APPROPRIATIONS BILL SB2700 Senator(s) Fasano moved the following amendment:
Section: 06
On Page: 283

Spec App: 2213

This amendment restores funding for the School
Readiness program that was reduced from recurring
general revenue. The amendment provides $3,112,087
in nonrecurring funds from the Special Employment
Security Administration Trust Fund. This will
restore the funding for School Readiness to the
current-year level. It will allow the state to draw
$3.8 million in federal funds and will restore 1,728
school readiness program slots.
NET IMPACT ON: Total Funds General Revenue Trust Funds Recurring - 0 0 0 Non-Recurring - 0 0 0 ______________________________________________________________________________________ Positions & Amounts Positions & Amounts DELETE INSERT AGENCY FOR WORKFORCE INNOVATION Program: Workforce Services Program Support 75200100 In Section 06 On Page 283 2213 Special Categories 100778 Grants And Aids - Contracted Services IOEB 2648 From Special Employment Security 7,001,488 3,889,401 Administration Trust Fund CA -3,112,087 FSI1NR -3,112,087 Early Learning Early Learning Services 75900100 In Section 06 On Page 286 2243 Special Categories 103114 Grants And Aids - School Readiness Services IOEB In Section 06 On Page 287 995055 Log:0007 MMB/MMB 03/29/10 07:03:50 PM Senate Page: 1
2648 From Special Employment Security 6,306,411 9,418,498 Administration Trust Fund CA 3,112,087 FSI2NR 3,112,087
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995055 Log:0007 MMB/MMB 03/29/10 07:03:50 PM Senate Page: 2

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