GENERAL APPROPRIATIONS BILL SB2700 Senator(s) Alexander moved the following LATE FILED amendment:
Section: 06
On Page: 345

Spec App: 2789
Joint Legislative Auditing to contract for a study
on best prison management practices including a
comparison of public and private prisons.
NET IMPACT ON: Total Funds General Revenue Trust Funds Recurring - 0 0 0 Non-Recurring - 0 0 0 ______________________________________________________________________________________ Positions & Amounts Positions & Amounts DELETE INSERT LEGISLATIVE BRANCH Auditing Committee 11980000 In Section 06 On Page 345 2789 Lump Sum 093900 Auditing Committee IOEA IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING SPECIFIC APPROPRIATION 2789, INSERT: From the funds in Specific Appropriation 2789, the Joint Legislative Auditing Committee shall contract for the development of a policy paper with a independent research entity that has the resources and skills to identify best practices in the delivery of prison operations, both private and public. In developing the policy paper, the selected contractor shall: (1) analyze prison management experiences in other states on economic, legal and practical grounds; (2) assemble and summarize the studies and best practices in corrections management, both private and public; (3) discuss the differences among the approaches to prison management and between private and public prison management; (4) analyze other benefits besides cost considerations in prison contracting; (5) identify ways Florida can benefit from cost savings and best practices by adopting best prison management methods for use in public and private prisons; (6) provide policy recommendations on ways Florida can benefit from cost 995102 Log:0046 SEC/SEC 03/31/10 10:04:58 AM Senate Page: 1
savings and best practices in prison operations; and, (7) identify the types of inmate bed, composition of inmate population, and facility size best operated by the public and private sector. The policy paper shall be submitted to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President of the Senate no later than February 28, 2011.
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995102 Log:0046 SEC/SEC 03/31/10 10:04:58 AM Senate Page: 2

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