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Senate Districts, effective 2002

Maps on this page are available for download and printing using your computer and printer. You can order large-format district maps from the Florida Resources and Environmental Analysis Center (FREAC) at the Florida State University.

Content updated 12/05/02


Census and Election Statistics (200KB PDF)
District by County Statistics (26KB PDF)


Statewide Map (925K PDF)
Northwest Area Map (1322KB PDF)
Big Bend Area Map (1217KB PDF)
Southwest Area Map (1643KB PDF)
Northeast Area Map (1911KB PDF)
East Central Area Map (1619KB PDF)
Southeast Area Map (1032KB PDF)
Wall Map (print size: 36" x 30", 3537KB PDF)
Detailed Maps of Individual Districts

Downloads (same plan information in 4 formats)

FREDS 2000, All Plan Files (1.63MB zipped)
FREDS 2000 Import File (75KB zipped)
DOJ Assignment File (980KB zipped)
ArcView® Shapefiles (1.05 MB zipped)
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