August 08, 2020
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The Florida Statutes

The 2001 Florida Statutes

Title X
Public Officers, Employees, And Records
Chapter 112
Public Officers And Employees: General Provisions
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Section 112.63, Florida Statutes 2001

112.63  Actuarial reports and statements of actuarial impact; review.--

(1)  Each retirement system or plan subject to the provisions of this act shall have regularly scheduled actuarial reports prepared and certified by an enrolled actuary. The actuarial report shall consist of, but shall not be limited to, the following:

(a)  Adequacy of employer and employee contribution rates in meeting levels of employee benefits provided in the system and changes, if any, needed in such rates to achieve or preserve a level of funding deemed adequate to enable payment through the indefinite future of the benefit amounts prescribed by the system, which shall include a valuation of present assets, based on statement value, and prospective assets and liabilities of the system and the extent of unfunded accrued liabilities, if any.

(b)  A plan to amortize any unfunded liability pursuant to s. 112.64 and a description of actions taken to reduce the unfunded liability.

(c)  A description and explanation of actuarial assumptions.

(d)  A schedule illustrating the amortization of unfunded liabilities, if any.

(e)  A comparative review illustrating the actual salary increases granted and the rate of investment return realized over the 3-year period preceding the actuarial report with the assumptions used in both the preceding and current actuarial reports.

(f)  A statement by the enrolled actuary that the report is complete and accurate and that in his or her opinion the techniques and assumptions used are reasonable and meet the requirements and intent of this act.

The actuarial cost methods utilized for establishing the amount of the annual actuarial normal cost to support the promised benefits shall only be those methods approved in the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 and as permitted under regulations prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury.

(2)  The frequency of actuarial reports must be at least every 3 years commencing from the last actuarial report of the plan or system or October 1, 1980, if no actuarial report has been issued within the 3-year period prior to October 1, 1979. The results of each actuarial report shall be filed with the plan administrator within 60 days of certification. Thereafter, the results of each actuarial report shall be made available for inspection upon request. Additionally, each retirement system or plan covered by this act which is not administered directly by the Department of Management Services shall furnish a copy of each actuarial report to the Department of Management Services within 60 days after receipt from the actuary. The requirements of this section are supplemental to actuarial valuations necessary to comply with the requirements of ss. 218.321 and 218.39.

(3)  No unit of local government shall agree to a proposed change in retirement benefits unless the administrator of the system, prior to adoption of the change by the governing body, and prior to the last public hearing thereon, has issued a statement of the actuarial impact of the proposed change upon the local retirement system, consistent with the actuarial review, and has furnished a copy of such statement to the division. Such statement shall also indicate whether the proposed changes are in compliance with s. 14, Art. X of the State Constitution and with s. 112.64.

(4)  Upon receipt, pursuant to subsection (2), of an actuarial report, or upon receipt, pursuant to subsection (3), of a statement of actuarial impact, the Department of Management Services shall acknowledge such receipt, but shall only review and comment on each retirement system's or plan's actuarial valuations at least on a triennial basis. If the department finds that the actuarial valuation is not complete, accurate, or based on reasonable assumptions, or if the department does not receive the actuarial report or statement of actuarial impact, the department shall notify the local government and request appropriate adjustment. If, after a reasonable period of time, a satisfactory adjustment is not made, the affected local government or the department may petition for a hearing under the provisions of ss. 120.569 and 120.57. If the administrative law judge recommends in favor of the department, the department shall perform an actuarial review or prepare the statement of actuarial impact. The cost to the department of performing such actuarial review or preparing such statement shall be charged to the governmental entity of which the employees are covered by the retirement system or plan. If payment of such costs is not received by the department within 60 days after receipt by the governmental entity of the request for payment, the department shall certify to the Comptroller the amount due, and the Comptroller shall pay such amount to the department from any funds payable to the governmental entity of which the employees are covered by the retirement system or plan. If the administrative law judge recommends in favor of the local retirement system and the department performs an actuarial review, the cost to the department of performing the actuarial review shall be paid by the department.

(5)  Payments made to the fund as required by this chapter shall be based on the normal and past service costs contained in the most recent actuarial valuation, subject to being state-accepted.

(6)  Beginning July 1, 1980, each retirement system or plan of a unit of local government shall maintain, in accurate and accessible form, the following information:

(a)  For each active and inactive member of the system, a number or other means of identification; date of birth; sex; date of employment; period of credited service, split, if required, between prior service and current service; and occupational classification.

(b)  For each active member, current pay rate, cumulative contributions together with accumulated interest, if credited, age at entry into system, and current rate of contribution.

(c)  For each inactive member, average final compensation or equivalent and age at which deferred benefit is to begin.

(d)  For each retired member and other beneficiary, a number or other means of identification, date of birth, sex, beginning date of benefit, type of retirement and amount of monthly benefit, and type of survivor benefit.

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