December 02, 2020
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The Florida Statutes

The 2009 Florida Statutes

Title XXVI
Chapter 348
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Section 348.56, Florida Statutes 2009

348.56  Bonds of the authority.--

(1)  The authority shall have the power and is hereby authorized from time to time to issue bonds in such principal amount as, in the opinion of the authority, shall be necessary to provide sufficient moneys for achieving its corporate purposes, including construction, reconstruction, improvement, extension, repair, maintenance and operation of the expressway system, the cost of acquisition of all real property, interest on bonds during construction and for a reasonable period thereafter, establishment of reserves to secure bonds, and all other expenditures of the authority incident to and necessary or convenient to carry out its corporate purposes and powers.

(2)(a)  Bonds shall be authorized by resolution of the members of the authority and shall bear such date or dates, mature at such time or times, not exceeding 40 years from their respective dates, bear interest at such rate or rates, not exceeding the maximum rate fixed by general law for authorities, be in such denominations, be in such form, either coupon or fully registered, carry such registration, exchangeability and interchangeability privileges, be payable in such medium of payment and at such place or places, be subject to such terms of redemption and be entitled to such priorities of lien on the revenues, other available moneys, and the Hillsborough County gasoline tax funds as such resolution or any resolution subsequent thereto may provide. The bonds shall be executed either by manual or facsimile signature by such officers as the authority shall determine, provided that such bonds shall bear at least one signature which is manually executed thereon. The coupons attached to such bonds shall bear the facsimile signature or signatures of such officer or officers as shall be designated by the authority. Such bonds shall have the seal of the authority affixed, imprinted, reproduced, or lithographed thereon.

(b)  The bonds shall be sold at public sale, and the net interest cost to the authority on such bonds shall not exceed the maximum rate fixed by general law for authorities. If all bids received on the public sale are rejected, the authority may then proceed to negotiate for the sale of the bonds at a net interest cost which shall be less than the lowest net interest cost stated in the bids rejected at the public sale. Pending the preparation of definitive bonds, temporary bonds or interim certificates may be issued to the purchaser or purchasers of such bonds and may contain such terms and conditions as the authority may determine.

(3)  Any such resolution or resolutions authorizing any bonds may contain provisions which shall be part of the contract with the holders of such bonds, as to:

(a)  The pledging of all or any part of the revenues, the Hillsborough County gasoline tax funds, or other moneys lawfully available therefor.

(b)  The construction, reconstruction, improvement, extension, repair, maintenance, operation, lease or lease-purchase of the expressway system, or any part or parts thereof, and the duties and obligations of the authority and others, including the department, with reference thereto.

(c)  Limitations on the purposes to which the proceeds of the bonds, then or thereafter to be issued, or of any loan or grant by any federal agency or the state or any political subdivision thereof may be applied.

(d)  The fixing, charging, establishing, revising, increasing, reducing and collecting of tolls, rates, fees, rentals, or other charges for use of the services and facilities of the expressway system or any part thereof.

(e)  The setting aside of reserves or of sinking funds and the regulation and disposition thereof.

(f)  Limitations on the issuance of additional bonds.

(g)  The terms and provisions of any lease-purchase agreement, deed of trust or indenture securing the bonds, or under which same may be issued.

(h)  Any other or additional matters, of like or different character, which in any way affect the security or protection of the bonds.

(4)  The authority may enter into any deeds of trust, indentures or other agreements with any bank or trust company within or without the state, as security for such bonds, and may, under such agreements, assign and pledge all or any of the revenues and other available moneys, including all or any portion of the Hillsborough County gasoline tax funds, pursuant to the terms of this part. Such deed of trust, indenture or other agreement, may contain such provisions as are customary in such instruments or as the authority may authorize, including, but without limitation, provisions as to:

(a)  The pledging of all or any part of the revenues, the Hillsborough County gasoline tax funds, or other moneys lawfully available therefor.

(b)  The application of funds and the safeguarding of funds on hand or on deposit.

(c)  The rights and remedies of the trustee and the holders of the bonds.

(d)  The terms and provisions of the bonds or the resolutions authorizing the issuance of the same.

(e)  Any other or additional matters, of like or different character, which in any way affect the security or protection of the bonds.

(5)  Any of the bonds issued pursuant to this part are, and are hereby declared to be, negotiable instruments, and shall have all the qualities and incidents of negotiable instruments under the law merchant and the negotiable instruments law of the state.

(6)  It is the intention hereof that any pledge made by the authority shall be valid and binding from the time when the pledge is made; that the moneys so pledged and thereafter received by the authority shall immediately be subject to the lien of such pledge without any physical delivery thereof or further act, and that the lien of any such pledge shall be valid and binding as against all parties having claims of any kind in tort, contract or otherwise against the authority irrespective of whether such parties have notice thereof. Neither the resolution nor any other instrument by which a pledge is created need be recorded.

(7)  Neither the members nor any person executing the bonds shall be liable personally on the bonds or be subject to any personal liability or accountability by reason of the issuance thereof.

(8)  The authority shall have power out of any funds available therefor to purchase bonds, which shall thereupon be canceled, at a price not exceeding, if the bonds are then redeemable, the redemption price then applicable plus accrued interest to the next date of redemption thereof, or if the bonds are not then redeemable, the redemption price applicable on the first date after such purchase upon which the bonds become subject to redemption plus accrued interest to said date.

History.--s. 7, ch. 63-447; s. 1, ch. 68-120; ss. 23, 35, ch. 69-106; s. 1, ch. 70-260.

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