August 04, 2020
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The Florida Statutes

The 2001 Florida Statutes

Chapter 624
Insurance Code: Administration And General Provisions
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Section 624.91, Florida Statutes 2001

624.91  The Florida Healthy Kids Corporation Act.--

(1)  SHORT TITLE.--This section may be cited as the "William G. 'Doc' Myers Healthy Kids Corporation Act."


(a)  The Legislature finds that increased access to health care services could improve children's health and reduce the incidence and costs of childhood illness and disabilities among children in this state. Many children do not have comprehensive, affordable health care services available. It is the intent of the Legislature that the Florida Healthy Kids Corporation provide comprehensive health insurance coverage to such children. The corporation is encouraged to cooperate with any existing health service programs funded by the public or the private sector and to work cooperatively with the Florida Partnership for School Readiness.

(b)  It is the intent of the Legislature that the Florida Healthy Kids Corporation serve as one of several providers of services to children eligible for medical assistance under Title XXI of the Social Security Act. Although the corporation may serve other children, the Legislature intends the primary recipients of services provided through the corporation be school-age children with a family income below 200 percent of the federal poverty level, who do not qualify for Medicaid. It is also the intent of the Legislature that state and local government Florida Healthy Kids funds, to the extent permissible under federal law, be used to obtain matching federal dollars.

(3)  NONENTITLEMENT.--Nothing in this section shall be construed as providing an individual with an entitlement to health care services. No cause of action shall arise against the state, the Florida Healthy Kids Corporation, or a unit of local government for failure to make health services available under this section.


(a)  There is created the Florida Healthy Kids Corporation, a not-for-profit corporation which operates on sites designated by the corporation.

(b)  The Florida Healthy Kids Corporation shall phase in a program to:

1.  Organize school children groups to facilitate the provision of comprehensive health insurance coverage to children;

2.  Arrange for the collection of any family, local contributions, or employer payment or premium, in an amount to be determined by the board of directors, to provide for payment of premiums for comprehensive insurance coverage and for the actual or estimated administrative expenses;

3.  Establish the administrative and accounting procedures for the operation of the corporation;

4.  Establish, with consultation from appropriate professional organizations, standards for preventive health services and providers and comprehensive insurance benefits appropriate to children; provided that such standards for rural areas shall not limit primary care providers to board-certified pediatricians;

5.  Establish eligibility criteria which children must meet in order to participate in the program;

6.  Establish procedures under which applicants to and participants in the program may have grievances reviewed by an impartial body and reported to the board of directors of the corporation;

7.  Establish participation criteria and, if appropriate, contract with an authorized insurer, health maintenance organization, or insurance administrator to provide administrative services to the corporation;

8.  Establish enrollment criteria which shall include penalties or waiting periods of not fewer than 60 days for reinstatement of coverage upon voluntary cancellation for nonpayment of family premiums;

9.  If a space is available, establish a special open enrollment period of 30 days' duration for any child who is enrolled in Medicaid or Medikids if such child loses Medicaid or Medikids eligibility and becomes eligible for the Florida Healthy Kids program;

10.  Contract with authorized insurers or any provider of health care services, meeting standards established by the corporation, for the provision of comprehensive insurance coverage to participants. Such standards shall include criteria under which the corporation may contract with more than one provider of health care services in program sites. Health plans shall be selected through a competitive bid process. The selection of health plans shall be based primarily on quality criteria established by the board. The health plan selection criteria and scoring system, and the scoring results, shall be available upon request for inspection after the bids have been awarded;

11.  Develop and implement a plan to publicize the Florida Healthy Kids Corporation, the eligibility requirements of the program, and the procedures for enrollment in the program and to maintain public awareness of the corporation and the program;

12.  Secure staff necessary to properly administer the corporation. Staff costs shall be funded from state and local matching funds and such other private or public funds as become available. The board of directors shall determine the number of staff members necessary to administer the corporation;

13.  As appropriate, enter into contracts with local school boards or other agencies to provide onsite information, enrollment, and other services necessary to the operation of the corporation;

14.  Provide a report on an annual basis to the Governor, Insurance Commissioner, Commissioner of Education, Senate President, Speaker of the House of Representatives, and Minority Leaders of the Senate and the House of Representatives;

15.  Each fiscal year, establish a maximum number of participants by county, on a statewide basis, who may enroll in the program without the benefit of local matching funds. Thereafter, the corporation may establish local matching requirements for supplemental participation in the program. The corporation may vary local matching requirements and enrollment by county depending on factors which may influence the generation of local match, including, but not limited to, population density, per capita income, existing local tax effort, and other factors. The corporation also may accept in-kind match in lieu of cash for the local match requirement to the extent allowed by Title XXI of the Social Security Act; and

16.  Establish eligibility criteria, premium and cost-sharing requirements, and benefit packages which conform to the provisions of the Florida Kidcare program, as created in ss. 409.810-409.820.

(c)  Coverage under the corporation's program is secondary to any other available private coverage held by the participant child or family member. The corporation may establish procedures for coordinating benefits under this program with benefits under other public and private coverage.

(d)  The Florida Healthy Kids Corporation shall be a private corporation not for profit, organized pursuant to chapter 617, and shall have all powers necessary to carry out the purposes of this act, including, but not limited to, the power to receive and accept grants, loans, or advances of funds from any public or private agency and to receive and accept from any source contributions of money, property, labor, or any other thing of value, to be held, used, and applied for the purposes of this act.


(a)  The Florida Healthy Kids Corporation shall operate subject to the supervision and approval of a board of directors chaired by the Insurance Commissioner or her or his designee, and composed of 12 other members selected for 3-year terms of office as follows:

1.  One member appointed by the Commissioner of Education from among three persons nominated by the Florida Association of School Administrators;

2.  One member appointed by the Commissioner of Education from among three persons nominated by the Florida Association of School Boards;

3.  One member appointed by the Commissioner of Education from the Office of School Health Programs of the Florida Department of Education;

4.  One member appointed by the Governor from among three members nominated by the Florida Pediatric Society;

5.  One member, appointed by the Governor, who represents the Children's Medical Services Program;

6.  One member appointed by the Insurance Commissioner from among three members nominated by the Florida Hospital Association;

7.  Two members, appointed by the Insurance Commissioner, who are representatives of authorized health care insurers or health maintenance organizations;

8.  One member, appointed by the Insurance Commissioner, who represents the Institute for Child Health Policy;

9.  One member, appointed by the Governor, from among three members nominated by the Florida Academy of Family Physicians;

10.  One member, appointed by the Governor, who represents the Agency for Health Care Administration; and

11.  The State Health Officer or her or his designee.

(b)  A member of the board of directors may be removed by the official who appointed that member. The board shall appoint an executive director, who is responsible for other staff authorized by the board.

(c)  Board members are entitled to receive, from funds of the corporation, reimbursement for per diem and travel expenses as provided by s. 112.061.

(d)  There shall be no liability on the part of, and no cause of action shall arise against, any member of the board of directors, or its employees or agents, for any action they take in the performance of their powers and duties under this act.


(a)  The corporation shall not be deemed an insurer. The officers, directors, and employees of the corporation shall not be deemed to be agents of an insurer. Neither the corporation nor any officer, director, or employee of the corporation is subject to the licensing requirements of the insurance code or the rules of the Department of Insurance. However, any marketing representative utilized and compensated by the corporation must be appointed as a representative of the insurers or health services providers with which the corporation contracts.

(b)  The board has complete fiscal control over the corporation and is responsible for all corporate operations.

(c)  The Department of Insurance shall supervise any liquidation or dissolution of the corporation and shall have, with respect to such liquidation or dissolution, all power granted to it pursuant to the insurance code.

(7)  ACCESS TO RECORDS; CONFIDENTIALITY; PENALTIES.--Notwithstanding any other laws to the contrary, the Florida Healthy Kids Corporation shall have access to the medical records of a student upon receipt of permission from a parent or guardian of the student. Such medical records may be maintained by state and local agencies. Any identifying information, including medical records and family financial information, obtained by the corporation pursuant to this subsection is confidential and is exempt from the provisions of s. 119.07(1). Neither the corporation nor the staff or agents of the corporation may release, without the written consent of the participant or the parent or guardian of the participant, to any state or federal agency, to any private business or person, or to any other entity, any confidential information received pursuant to this subsection. A violation of this subsection is a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

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