July 07, 2020
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The Florida Statutes

The 2003 Florida Statutes

Title XL
Chapter 719
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Section 719.1055, Florida Statutes 2003

719.1055  Amendment of cooperative documents; alteration and acquisition of property.--

(1)  Unless otherwise provided in the original cooperative documents, no amendment thereto may change the configuration or size of any cooperative unit in any material fashion, materially alter or modify the appurtenances of the unit, or change the proportion or percentage by which the owner of the parcel shares the common expenses and owns the common surplus, unless the record owner of the unit and all record owners of liens on it join in the execution of the amendment and unless the record owners of all other units approve the amendment. Cooperative documents in cooperatives created after July 1, 1994, may not require less than a majority of total voting interests for amendments under this section, unless required by any governmental entity.

(2)  Unless a lower number is provided in the cooperative documents or unless such action is expressly prohibited by the articles of incorporation or bylaws of the cooperative, the acquisition of real property by the association, and material alterations or substantial additions to such property by the association shall not be deemed to constitute a material alteration or modification of the appurtenances to the unit if such action is approved by two-thirds of the total voting interests of the cooperative.

(3)(a)  Unless other procedures are provided in the cooperative documents or such action is expressly prohibited by the articles of incorporation or bylaws of the cooperative, the association may materially alter, convert, lease, or modify the common areas of the mobile home cooperative if the action is approved by two-thirds of the total voting interests of the cooperative.

(b)  The association may change the configuration or size of a unit only if the action is approved by the affected unit owners and by two-thirds of the total voting interests of the cooperative.

(4)(a)  If the cooperative documents fail to provide a method of amendment, the documents may be amended as to all matters except those described in subsection (1) if the amendment is approved by the owners of not less than two-thirds of the units.

(b)  No provision of the cooperative documents shall be revised or amended by reference to its title or number only. Proposals to amend existing provisions of the cooperative documents shall contain the full text of the provision to be amended, new words shall be inserted in the text and underlined, and words to be deleted shall be lined through with hyphens. However, if the proposed change is so extensive that this procedure would hinder, rather than assist, the understanding of the proposed amendment, it is not necessary to use underlining and hyphens as indicators of words added or deleted, but instead, a notation must be inserted immediately preceding the proposed amendment in substantially the following language: "Substantial rewording of document. See provision for present text."

(c)  Nonmaterial errors or omissions in the amendment process will not invalidate an otherwise properly promulgated amendment.

(5)  Notwithstanding the provisions of chapter 633 or of any other code, statute, ordinance, administrative rule, or regulation, or any interpretation of the foregoing, a cooperative or unit owner is not obligated to retrofit the common elements or units of a residential cooperative with a fire sprinkler system or other engineered life safety system in a building that has been certified for occupancy by the applicable governmental entity, if the unit owners have voted to forego such retrofitting and engineered life safety system by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of all voting interests in the affected cooperative. However, a cooperative may not forego the retrofitting with a fire sprinkler system of common areas in a high-rise building. For purposes of this subsection, the term "high-rise building" means a building that is greater than 75 feet in height where the building height is measured from the lowest level of fire department access to the floor of the highest occupiable story. For purposes of this subsection, the term "common areas" means any enclosed hallway, corridor, lobby, stairwell, or entryway. In no event shall the local authority having jurisdiction require completion of retrofitting of common areas with a sprinkler system before the end of 2014.

(a)  A vote to forego retrofitting may not be obtained by general proxy or limited proxy, but shall be obtained by a vote personally cast at a duly called membership meeting, or by execution of a written consent by the member, and shall be effective upon the recording of a certificate attesting to such vote in the public records of the county where the cooperative is located. The association shall provide each unit owner written notice of the vote to forego retrofitting of the required fire sprinkler system, in at least 16-point bold type, by certified mail, within 20 days after the association's vote. After such notice is provided to each owner, a copy of such notice shall be provided by the current owner to a new owner prior to closing and shall be provided by a unit owner to a renter prior to signing a lease.

(b)  As part of the information collected annually from cooperatives, the division shall require associations to report the membership vote and recording of a certificate under this subsection and, if retrofitting has been undertaken, the per-unit cost of such work. The division shall annually report to the Division of State Fire Marshal of the Department of Financial Services the number of cooperatives that have elected to forego retrofitting.

History.--s. 5, ch. 88-148; s. 16, ch. 94-350; s. 6, ch. 96-396; s. 8, ch. 99-382; s. 6, ch. 2003-14.

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