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The Florida Statutes

The 2001 Florida Statutes

Title XIV
Taxation And Finance
Chapter 193
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Section 193.092, Florida Statutes 2001

193.092  Assessment of property for back taxes.--

(1)  When it shall appear that any ad valorem tax might have been lawfully assessed or collected upon any property in the state, but that such tax was not lawfully assessed or levied, and has not been collected for any year within a period of 3 years next preceding the year in which it is ascertained that such tax has not been assessed, or levied, or collected, then the officers authorized shall make the assessment of taxes upon such property in addition to the assessment of such property for the current year, and shall assess the same separately for such property as may have escaped taxation at and upon the basis of valuation applied to such property for the year or years in which it escaped taxation, noting distinctly the year when such property escaped taxation and such assessment shall have the same force and effect as it would have had if it had been made in the year in which the property shall have escaped taxation, and taxes shall be levied and collected thereon in like manner and together with taxes for the current year in which the assessment is made. But no property shall be assessed for more than 3 years' arrears of taxation, and all property so escaping taxation shall be subject to such taxation to be assessed in whomsoever's hands or possession the same may be found; provided, that the county property appraiser shall not assess any lot or parcel of land certified or sold to the state for any previous years unless such lot or parcel of lands so certified or sold shall be included in the list furnished by the Comptroller to the county property appraiser as provided by law; provided, if real or personal property be assessed for taxes, and because of litigation delay ensues and the assessment be held invalid the taxing authorities, may reassess such property within the time herein provided after the termination of such litigation; provided further, that personal property acquired in good faith by purchase shall not be subject to assessment for taxes for any time prior to the time of such purchase, but the individual or corporation liable for any such assessment shall continue personally liable for same.

(2)  The provisions of this section shall apply to property of every class and kind upon which ad valorem tax is assessable by any state or county authority under the laws of the state.

History.--s. 24, ch. 4322, 1895; s. 1, ch. 4663, 1899; GS 524; s. 22, ch. 5596, 1907; RGS 722; ss. 1, 2, ch. 9180, 1923; CGL 924-926; ss. 1, 2, ch. 69-55; s. 15, ch. 70-243; s. 1, ch. 77-102.

Note.--Former ss. 193.23, 193.151.

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