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The Florida Statutes

The 2003 Florida Statutes

Title XIV
Chapter 210
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Section 210.09, Florida Statutes 2003

210.09  Records to be kept; reports to be made; examination.--

(1)  Every person who shall possess or transport any unstamped cigarettes upon the public highways, roads, or streets of the state, shall be required to have in his or her actual possession invoices or delivery tickets for such cigarettes. The absence of such invoices or delivery tickets shall be prima facie evidence that such person is a dealer in cigarettes in this state and subject to the provisions of this part.

(2)  The division is authorized to prescribe and promulgate by rules and regulations, which shall have the force and effect of the law, such records to be kept and reports to be made to the division by any distributing agent, wholesale dealer, retail dealer, common carrier, or any other person handling, transporting or possessing cigarettes for sale or distribution within the state as may be necessary to collect and properly distribute the taxes imposed by s. 210.02. All reports shall be made on or before the 10th day of the month following the month for which the report is made, unless the division by rule or regulation shall prescribe that reports be made more often.

(3)  All distributing agents, wholesale dealers, agents, or retail dealers shall maintain and keep for a period of 3 years at the place of business where any transaction takes place, such records of cigarettes received, sold, or delivered within the state as may be required by the division. The division or its duly authorized representative is hereby authorized to examine the books, papers, invoices, and other records, the stock of cigarettes in and upon any premises where the same are placed, stored, and sold, and the equipment of any such distributing agents, wholesale dealers, agents, or retail dealers, pertaining to the sale and delivery of cigarettes taxable under this part. To verify the accuracy of the tax imposed and assessed by this part, each person is hereby directed and required to give to the division or its duly authorized representatives the means, facilities, and opportunity for such examinations as are herein provided for and required.

(4)(a)  All persons who are either cigarette wholesalers, vending machine operators or distributing agents, and agents and employees of the same, are required to keep daily sales tickets or invoices of cigarette sales and it shall be the duty of said persons to see that each sales ticket and invoice handled by them or on behalf of them show the correct name and address to whom sold and the number of packages or cartons of each brand sold. It shall also be the duty of said persons to see that each sales ticket or invoice correctly shows whether the same is inside or outside of a qualified municipality and if the sale is made within the limits of a qualified municipality, the correct name of the municipality must be indicated.

(b)  The division shall suspend or revoke the license of any person who is either a cigarette wholesaler, vending machine operator or distributing agent upon sufficient cause appearing that the said persons, their agents or employees have failed to keep daily sales tickets or invoices in accordance with this section.

(5)  Common carriers in this state are required to report to the division all packages or cartons of unstamped cigarettes which are refused by the consignee because of damage or otherwise. Authority in writing from the division must be obtained to sell or dispose of such unstamped cigarettes. Any dealer or distributing agent, who refuses any shipment or part of a shipment of unstamped cigarettes, must show in the next monthly report to the division the number of packages or cartons of cigarettes refused and the name of the common carrier from whom the cigarettes were refused.

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