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The Florida Statutes

The 2001 Florida Statutes

Title XIV
Taxation And Finance
Chapter 215
Financial Matters: General Provisions
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Section 215.551, Florida Statutes 2001

215.551  Federal Use of State Lands Trust Fund; county distribution.--

(1)  The Comptroller may make distribution of the Federal Use of State Lands Trust Fund, when so requested by the counties in interest, of such amounts as may be accumulated in that fund.

(2)  The Comptroller shall ascertain, from the records of the General Land Office or other departments in Washington, D.C., the number of acres of land situated in the several counties in which the Apalachicola, Choctawhatchee, Ocala, and Osceola Forest Reserves are located, the number of acres of land of such forest reserve embraced in each of the counties in each of the reserves, and, also, the amount of money received by the United States Government from each of the reserves, respectively. The Comptroller shall apportion the money on hand to each county in each reserve, respectively and separately; such distribution shall be based upon the number of acres of land embraced in the Apalachicola Forest, Choctawhatchee Forest, Ocala Forest, and Osceola Forest, respectively, in each county and shall be further based upon the amount collected by the United States from each of such forests, so that such distribution, when made, will include for each county the amount due each county, based upon the receipts for the particular forest and the acreage in the particular county in which such forest is located. The Comptroller shall issue two warrants on the Treasurer in each case, the sum of which shall be the amount due each of such counties from the fund. One warrant shall be payable to the county for the county general road fund, and one warrant, of equal amount, shall be payable to such county's district school board for the district school fund.

(3)  In the event that actual figures of receipts from different reserves cannot be obtained by counties, so as to fully comply with subsections (1) and (2), the Comptroller may adjust the matter according to the United States statutes, or as may appear to him or her to be just and fair, and with the approval of all counties in interest.

(4)  The moneys that may be received and credited to the Federal Use of State Lands Trust Fund are appropriated for the payment of the warrants of the Comptroller drawn on the Treasurer in pursuance of this section.

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Note.--Consolidation of former ss. 254.01, 254.02, 254.03, 254.05.

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