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The Florida Statutes

The 2010 Florida Statutes(including Special Session A)

Chapter 627
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F.S. 627.952
627.952 Risk retention and purchasing group agents.
(1) Any person offering, soliciting, selling, purchasing, administering, or otherwise servicing insurance contracts, certificates, or agreements for any purchasing group or risk retention group to any resident of this state, either directly or indirectly, by the use of mail, advertising, or other means of communication, shall obtain a license and appointment to act as a resident general lines agent, if a resident of this state, or a nonresident general lines agent if not a resident. Any such person shall be subject to all requirements of the Florida Insurance Code.
(a) All books, records, statements, and accounts required to be established and maintained with respect to activities described in this subsection shall be established and maintained on a segregated basis, separate and apart from all other books, records, statements, and accounts regarding the agent’s other transactions.
(b) Any person required to be licensed and appointed by this subsection, in order to place business through Florida eligible surplus lines carriers, shall, if a resident of this state, be licensed and appointed as a surplus lines agent. Any such person, if not a resident of this state, shall be licensed and appointed as a surplus lines agent in her or his state of residence and shall file and thereafter maintain a fidelity bond in favor of the people of the State of Florida executed by a surety company admitted in this state and payable to the State of Florida; provided, however, any activities carried out by such nonresident pursuant to this part shall be limited to the provision of insurance for purchasing groups. The bond shall be continuous in form and maintained in the amount set out in s. 626.928. The bond shall remain in force and effect until the surety is released from liability by the department or until the bond is canceled by the surety. The surety may cancel the bond and be released from further liability thereunder upon 30 days’ prior written notice to the department. The cancellation shall not affect any liability incurred or accrued thereunder before the termination of the 30-day period. Upon receipt of a notice of cancellation, the department shall immediately notify the agent.
(2) In addition to any other lawful duties, any person engaging in the activities described in subsection (1) is obligated to exercise reasonable and customary skill and diligence to ascertain that any purchasing group or purchasing group member, to or for whom an offer or solicitation is made with respect to coverage being placed with a risk retention group, receives a written disclosure that the liability insurance coverage being offered may not be subject to all of the insurance laws and rules of this state and that insolvency guaranty fund protection is not available for the purchasing groups or purchasing group members.
(3) Any insurance agent who breaches a fiduciary duty; who solicits, offers, sells, transacts, or purchases insurance coverage from a risk retention group which is not in compliance with the applicable provisions of this part; or who violates any provision of the Florida Insurance Code shall be subject to fine and revocation or suspension of her or his license and appointment, in accordance with the procedures established under the Florida Insurance Code and may be held liable for civil damages to any person or group resulting from such violation or breach of a fiduciary duty.
(4) Any person retained or employed to solicit, offer, sell, or purchase memberships in a purchasing group may be ordered to cease any such enrollment activity in this state whenever the office has reason to believe that any such purchasing group has liability insurance coverage from a risk retention group or insurance company which is insolvent or in a hazardous financial condition. Orders entered under this subsection shall be issued in accordance with the procedures set forth in s. 627.951.
(5) Any person licensed and appointed as an agent to act on behalf of a risk retention group or a purchasing group shall be appointed with at least one authorized property and casualty insurer.
(6) Any person licensed and appointed as an agent to act on behalf of a risk retention group or a purchasing group shall, except as otherwise provided in this part, be subject to all provisions of the Florida Insurance Code applicable to the type of agent’s license held by such person. 2, 5, ch. 87-282; s. 135, ch. 91-108; s. 114, ch. 92-318; s. 376, ch. 97-102; s. 1250, ch. 2003-261.

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