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Senate 1436: Relating to Vehicle Registration Fees [WPSC] ------------------------------------------------------------------

S1436    GENERAL BILL/CS by Transportation and Economic Development
Appropriations; Fasano; (CO-INTRODUCERS) Gaetz; Aronberg; Dean (Compare
H 0071, H 0099, CS/S 2036)
Vehicle Registration Fees [WPSC]; Revises the service charge for each
application that is handled in connection with the original issuance,
duplicate issuance, or transfer of any license plate, mobile home
sticker, or validation sticker or with the transfer or duplicate
issuance of a registration certificate. Deletes a provision requiring
that a portion of the charge be deposited into the General Revenue Fund,
etc. EFFECTIVE DATE: 09/01/2010.
01/27/10 SENATE Filed
02/03/10 SENATE Referred to Transportation and Economic Development
                  Appropriations; Policy & Steering Committee on Ways and
                  Means; Rules
03/02/10 SENATE Introduced, referred to Transportation and Economic
                  Development Appropriations; Policy & Steering Committee on
                  Ways and Means; Rules -SJ 00103
03/16/10 SENATE On Committee agenda-- Transportation and Economic Development
                  Appropriations, 03/19/10, 8:00 am, 309-C
03/19/10 SENATE CS by Transportation and Economic Development Appropriations;
                  YEAS 4 NAYS 0 -SJ 00280; CS read 1st time on 03/22/10
                  -SJ 00290; Pending reference review under Rule 4.7(2) -
                  (Committee Substitute)
03/22/10 SENATE Original reference(s) removed: Rules; Now in Policy &
                  Steering Committee on Ways and Means -SJ 00305; On Committee
                  agenda-- Policy & Steering Committee on Ways and Means,
                  03/25/10, 1:30 pm, 412-K
03/25/10 SENATE Favorable by- Policy & Steering Committee on Ways and Means;
                  YEAS 23 NAYS 0 -SJ 00349
03/26/10 SENATE Placed on Calendar, on 2nd reading -SJ 00350
03/31/10 SENATE Placed on Special Order Calendar; Read 2nd time -SJ 00397;
                  Read 3rd time -SJ 00398; CS passed; YEAS 36 NAYS 0
                  -SJ 00398; Immediately certified -SJ 00398; Requests House
                  concur or failing to concur appoint conference cmte -SJ 00407
03/31/10 HOUSE In Messages
04/01/10 HOUSE Received -HJ 00471; Referred to Calendar -HJ 00471
04/06/10 HOUSE Placed on Special Order Calendar; Read 2nd time -HJ 00502;
                  Amendment(s) adopted -HJ 00502; Read 3rd time -HJ 00502; CS
                  passed as amended; YEAS 116 NAYS 0 -HJ 00502; Immediately
                  certified -HJ 00526; Passed the Senate bill as amended by
                  House and we accede to conference -HJ 00526
04/06/10 SENATE In returning messages
04/16/10 SENATE Conference Committee appointed: Senators Alexander, Chair;
                  Haridopolos, Vice Chair; Altman, Bennett, Justice, Ring,
                  Storms, At Large; Criminal & Civil Justice: Crist, Chair;
                  Jones, Joyner, Villalobos, Wilson; Education Pre-K-12: Wise,
                  Chair; Bullard, Detert, Garcia, Richter, Siplin; General
                  Government: Baker, Chair; Aronberg, Dean, Lawson, Oelrich;
                  Health & Human Services: Peaden, Chair; Gaetz, Haridopolos,
                  Negron, Rich, Sobel; Higher Education: Lynn, Chair;
                  Constantine, Gelber, Thrasher; Trans & Econ Development:
                  Fasano, Chair; Diaz de la Portilla, Dockery, Gardiner, Hill,
                  Smith -SJ 00648
04/19/10 HOUSE Conference Committee appointed: Rivera, Flores, Bullard,
                  Clarke-Reed, Coley, Fresen, Kiar, Legg, Stargel, Proctor,
                  Brise, Burgin, Jones, McKeel, O'Toole, Reed, Glorioso,
                  Gibson, Jenne, Horner, Hukill, Murzin, Rogers, Schenck,
                  Adams, Eisnaugle, Holder, Kreegel, Porth, Rouson, Soto,
                  Tobia, Hays, Abruzzo, Braynon, Gonzalez, Nelson, Ray,
                  Workman, Williams, A., Grimsley, Chestnut, Ford, Frishe,
                  Hudson, Roberson, Y., Skidmore, Thompson, N., Poppell,
                  Bembry, Boyd, Brandenburg, Crisafulli, Plakon, Precourt,
                  Williams, T., Bogdanoff, Aubuchon, Bernard, Carroll,
                  Dorworth, Patronis, Fitzgerald, Thurston, Galvano, Gibbons,
                  Hasner, Lopez-Cantera, Reagan, Sands, Thompson, G.,
                  Weatherford, McBurney -HJ 00735
04/30/10 SENATE Died in Conference Committee

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S 1436 478432 03/17/2010 TA - Favorable
S 1436c1 636269 04/05/2010 No Senate Committee Action PDF
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S 1436c1 636269 Filed 04/05/2010 No Senate Action PDF
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Senate Transportation and Economic Development Appropriations PDF
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HOUSE 0686 04/06/10
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SENATE 0018 03/31/10
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