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Senate 0072: Relating to Health Care Services [SPSC] ------------------------------------------------------------------

S72      JOINT RESOLUTION/CS/1ST ENG by Health Regulation; Baker;
(CO-INTRODUCERS) Fasano; Storms; Negron; Bennett; Haridopolos; Gaetz;
Oelrich; Richter; Dockery; Gardiner (Identical CS/CS/H 0037)
Health Care Services [SPSC]; Proposes the creation of Section 28 of
Article I of the State Constitution, relating to health care services.
10/05/09 SENATE Filed
12/09/09 SENATE Referred to Health Regulation; Judiciary; Health and Human
                  Services Appropriations; Rules
02/08/10 SENATE On Committee agenda-- Health Regulation, 02/18/10, 8:00 am,
                  412-K --Temporarily postponed
03/01/10 SENATE On Committee agenda-- Health Regulation, 03/04/10, 8:00 am,
03/02/10 SENATE Introduced, referred to Health Regulation; Judiciary; Health
                  and Human Services Appropriations; Rules -SJ 00017; On
                  Committee agenda-- Health Regulation, 02/18/10, 8:00 am,
                  412-K --Temporarily postponed; On Committee agenda-- Health
                  Regulation, 03/04/10, 8:00 am, 412-K
03/04/10 SENATE CS by Health Regulation; YEAS 4 NAYS 3 -SJ 00190; CS read
                  1st time on 03/11/10 -SJ 00234; Pending reference review
                  under Rule 4.7(2) - (Committee Substitute)
03/08/10 SENATE Now in Judiciary -SJ 00190
03/15/10 SENATE On Committee agenda-- Judiciary, 03/18/10, 1:00 pm, 110-S
03/18/10 SENATE Favorable by Judiciary; YEAS 6 NAYS 3 -SJ 00278
03/19/10 SENATE Now in Health and Human Services Appropriations -SJ 00278
04/01/10 SENATE On Committee agenda-- Health and Human Services
                  Appropriations, 04/06/10, 3:15 pm, 110-S
04/06/10 SENATE Favorable by Health and Human Services Appropriations;
                  YEAS 4 NAYS 2 -SJ 00524
04/07/10 SENATE Now in Rules -SJ 00524
04/15/10 SENATE Withdrawn from Rules -SJ 00598; Placed on Calendar, on 2nd
04/21/10 SENATE Placed on Special Order Calendar; Read 2nd time -SJ 00687;
                  Was taken up -SJ 00692; Amendment(s) adopted (900110)
                  -SJ 00692; Ordered engrossed -SJ 00692
04/22/10 SENATE Read 3rd time -SJ 00742; Substituted CS/CS/HJR 37 -SJ 00742;
                  Laid on Table, companion bill(s) passed, see CS/CS/HJR 37
                  (Passed) -SJ 00742

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S 0072 11/15/2009 Web Page | PDF
S 0072 03/04/2010 Web Page | PDF
S 0072 04/21/2010 Web Page | PDF

Committee Amendments
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S 0072 119904 02/16/2010 HR - Replaced by CS
Floor Amendments
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S 0072c1 900110 Filed 04/20/2010 Adopted on 2R
Bill Analyses
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s 0072 Health Regulation 03/04/2010 PDF
s 0072 Judiciary 03/19/2010 PDF
s 0072 Health and Human Services Appropriations 04/06/2010 PDF
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Senate Health Regulation PDF
Senate Judiciary PDF
Senate Health and Human Services Appropriations PDF

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