July 10, 2020
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       Florida Senate - 2010                             CS for SB 1442
       By the Committee on Transportation and Economic Development
       Appropriations; and Senator Fasano
       606-03282-10                                          20101442c1
    1                        A bill to be entitled                      
    2         An act relating to corporate license plates; creating
    3         s. 320.08052, F.S.; authorizing the Department of
    4         Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to create the
    5         Corporate License Plate Program and enter into certain
    6         agreements with certain entities; requiring that
    7         corporate license plates meet specified criteria and
    8         that certain aspects of such license plates be
    9         approved by the department; authorizing vehicle owners
   10         to apply for such license plates; requiring that
   11         specified minimum fees be paid by applicants and
   12         corporate sponsors for such applications; requiring
   13         that the department, upon approval of an application,
   14         issue the appropriate corporate plate to the vehicle
   15         owner along with a registration and decal valid for a
   16         specified period; providing for the distribution of
   17         fees collected; authorizing corporate sponsors to
   18         participate in the program by submitting a specified
   19         minimum initial application fee; requiring that a
   20         corporate sponsor meet specified eligibility
   21         requirements; requiring that the department adopt
   22         rules; providing an effective date.
   24  Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
   26         Section 1. Section 320.08052, Florida Statutes, is created
   27  to read:
   28         320.08052Corporate license plates.—
   29         (1) The department is authorized to create a Corporate
   30  License Plate Program. The department may enter into agreements
   31  with any business entity, advertising firm, or for-profit
   32  business that provides the department the required legal
   33  documentation to use corporate logos on Florida license plates.
   34         (2) The design of corporate license plates must be approved
   35  by the department and must have the word “Florida” at the top.
   36  Corporate license plates may be personalized as provided in s.
   37  320.0805 but must be approved by the corporate sponsor and the
   38  department before issuance.
   39         (3) A vehicle owner may apply for a corporate license plate
   40  for any motor vehicle registered in the owner’s name weighing
   41  7,999 pounds or less and also registered as a private-use
   42  vehicle. Each application must be accompanied by an application
   43  fee of no more than $25. The application by any vehicle owner
   44  for a corporate license plate shall, upon acceptance, authorize
   45  the department to provide the applicant’s name and address to
   46  the corporate sponsor in compliance with s. 119.0712(2). Upon
   47  approval of the application, the corporate sponsor shall
   48  immediately remit to the department a fee of no less than $200.
   49  The department shall issue the appropriate corporate plate to
   50  the vehicle owner, along with a registration and decal, and the
   51  registration is valid for one registration period, which may not
   52  exceed 15 months. All applicable registration fees authorized by
   53  this chapter shall be distributed as provided in this chapter
   54  from the proceeds of the fees paid pursuant to this subsection.
   55  Excess revenues remaining after the distribution of all required
   56  fees shall be deposited into the Highway Safety Operating Trust
   57  Fund to fund the general operations of the department.
   58         (4) Corporate sponsors may participate in the program by
   59  submitting an initial application fee to the department of at
   60  least $5,000 for the purchase of initial inventory. To be
   61  eligible to participate in the program, a corporate sponsor must
   62  provide evidence of the ability to pay $200 per vehicle owner
   63  for a minimum of 1,000 vehicle owners.
   64         (5) The department shall adopt rules to administer this
   65  section.
   66         Section 2. This act shall take effect July 1, 2010.

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